Top Male Grooming Products To Get You Through Winter 2018

Halloween and Bonfire Night have just passed and how epic they were, Halloween gave us some of the most epic Halloween costumes yet, setting the bar high for next year.

The passing of these events can only means one thing… Winter is officially not far away but that doesn’t mean the rain, cold and snow are going to wait until then Winter 2018 officially starts!

Some welcome winter with big open arms, it’s a time of year that brings cosy nights in, excuses not to go to the gym and eat fatty food. We’re bulking, right?! Or at-least that’s what we tell ourselves.

We’ve see first hand the consequences of harsh weather conditions on the modern man; hair that looks completely different to when we left the house. Red, inflamed, wind-chapped lips and wind-chapped cheeks when we haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect our skin.

See our recommended winter male grooming products to ensure you step out the door, fully prepared for any type of weather.

Best Male Grooming Products For Winter 2018:

Below are some winter combating tips and products to make sure that none of the above are associated with you!

The Face

It’s important to look after your skin, even more so in the winter. The harsh weather conditions can strip your face of essential oils, leaving it dry, red, irritated and inflamed.

Below are the products we recommend to keep your skin protected, all day long.

Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml1. Winter Face Wash & Cleanse

It’s important to start and end the day correctly, that means washing your face both morning and night.

We recommend starting your day with ‘Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser‘, it’s soap free so helps to reduce the drying effect face washes can have on your skin. The product leaves you with a ‘fresh-faced’ feeling.

As much as we love the product, we wouldn’t recommend exfoliating more than once a day as this can irritate skin due to their powerful action.

Rid your face of the day’s grime and dirt using a mild face wash at night like ManCave Face Wash, it’s not too harsh on your skin but great for clearing all the gunk from your face that you’ve picked up throughout the day.

If you aren’t washing your face at night, you’re more likely to get acne and blackheads due to dirt and oil’s blocking your pores.

2. Men’s Moisturiser For Winter

Due to the moisture stripping action of the wind and cold on your skin, it’s even more important to moisturise your skin in the winter. Failing to moisturise could result in wind-chapped skin, where the skin becomes dry, red and irritated – like we said, not a good look!

It might seem a complicated process to preventing this but all you need is a good moisturiser. Our moisturiser of choice is Rehab London Men’s Morning Glory Moisturiser, it’s great for providing a barrier to any harsh conditions but we love the fact it contains Hawaiian water algae which revitalises the skin due to the high amount of antioxidants it contains.

The product helps to prevent breakouts because of the antibacterial properties of the African pepper it contain. Sounds pretty exotic too, right?

3. Male Eye Care

Now, looking after the skin around the eyes isn’t really a must do but for those want to ‘invest in their future’, we thought we’d share with you our favourite eye creams/serums/protection.

Your eyes should be a reflection of your life and not a reflection of your age or how tired you are. The winter can feel like its sucking the life out of you with it’s dark mornings, wind and rain hammering at your window.

To help keep your eyes looking younger for longer, use ClarinsMen Anti Fatigue Eye Serum. The eye area is the first area to show signs of ageing but the action of escin in this serum stimulates blood flow and detoxifies the skin, clearing the tired, dark circles that are all too familiar in the winter.

This is our eye product of choice and we make sure we’re using it everyday to keep wrinkles a thing of the future, way into the future at that!

4. Lip Care For Winter

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter Lip TherapyLips are something that most of us don’t even consider being affected by the cold, wind and rain.

Personally for us, the lips are the area of the face that are impacted the most by the harsh weather conditions.

To combat the burning sensation around the rim of your dry, cracked lips caused by the cold, we recommend 2 products. The first winter lip care product for us has to be Vaseline, especially the cocoa butter flavour– it tastes and smells lush as well as keeping your lips moisturised all day long.

Our 2nd winter lip care product has to be Fit Skincare’s Lip Serum. It’s from the same brand as the moisturising ultra serum that we reviewed a while back, if you didn’t catch it then check it out because it’s good stuff. There are 2 key things that we loved about this product, first being the slick bottle it comes in and 2nd being its long lasting action, you can feel the moisturising benefits of the lip serum for hours – just what you need in the winter.

The Furry Stuff

Winter male grooming isnt just about the skin, it’s also about your hair; both on your face & beard.

1. Men’s Winter Hairstyling

For those of you that saw our review of Fish Soho, you will have read why Fish is one of our favourite men’s hair styling brands.

In the winter, having a good hair styling product is when it is most important; one big gust of wind will instantly undo all that hard work you spent in the mirror doing your hair.

Fish Soho is a brand that will hold, no matter the weather, without that greasy, wet-look! Our go to product is the

Fish Stonefish Styling Clay 70ml which has great hold and actually has a summer, coconut scent. Don’t just take our word for it, see where the product has been rated 5 stars by customers.

2. Winter Beard Care

Funnily enough, an epic beard like David Beckham’s doesn’t simply just grow from his face. David’s beard is well sculpted and groomed to perfection.

Want to know how you can achieve a beard like David? Simple, put in the the work!

Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer BT9280/33To help sculpt your beard we recommend Philips Series 9000 Laser Guided Beard Trimmer BT9280/33. This beard trimmer is great for keeping your beard at a length that suits you – remember a better beard doesn’t mean a longer beard! The laser action helps to shave off the random hairs at the top of your cheek or bottom of you neck, helping to form the clean cut lines associated with an epic beard. With this trimmer you can mess around with lots of different styles and looks, so think of it as a future investment.

Just like your face and hair, you need to look after your beard too. If you don’t moisturise your beard with a beard oil then the hair will look coarse and unappealing – beard oils are the way forward!

Our favourite beard oil for winter 2018 is Percy Nobleman Beard Conditioning Oil Scented 100ml  we’ve heard great things about this beard oil and the reviews mirror our love for the brand.

We get that beard isn’t alway best for some men out there. We don’t think someone like Daniel Craig would suit a beard, he’s killing that clean shaven look and there are probably a high number of you guys out there who are too.

3. Winter Shaving Products For Men

men-u Barbiere Shaving Brush and Stand - BlackFor the ultimate shave, we have a few selected products which we feel are a must have! The first being men-ü Barbiere Shaving Brush – Black, an essential for applying shaving foam/cream which helps to prevent ingrowing hairs and inflammation.

A shaving foam that we rate is Clarinsmen Smooth Shave. The shaving foam is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Most of us men suffer from sensitive skin without even realising. This product could be the perfect product to say goodbye to that post shave red rash and ingrowing hairs often associated with shaving.

Well there we have it, our recommended 2019 winter skincare products – tried and tested by us, enjoy!

Got any products you would recommend to your fellow male population? Then drop it in the comment box below.