Can You Use Regular Shampoo to Clean Your Beard?

If you’re someone who takes pride in their appearance and isn’t averse to a little facial hair, you’ve probably encountered beard grooming products before. Once considered a passing fad resigned to the hipster crowd, the beard grooming sector is here to stay. The demand for beard grooming products is huge. In 2021, the market was worth an estimated $20 billion US dollars. By 2026, experts predict that global market value will surpass $43 billion dollars. Are you a new member of the beard-growing brigade? If so, you’re probably wondering whether beard shampoos are really worth the extra expense.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Standard Shampoo

It’s easy to understand why so many men reach for everyday shampoo when it comes to beard grooming. While your go-to shampoo and conditioner won’t be causing too much harm to your beard, the same can’t be said about your skin. Normal shampoo is far removed from the scrubs and cleansers you typically use on your face. It’s easy for facial skin to become dried out and irritated if you’re using shampoo to clean your beard daily. A specially formulated beard wash will ensure your face isn’t stripped of essential oils, keeping those delicate dermal layers hydrated and healthy.

What Products Should You Be Using?

Regular shampoo is designed to remove excess oil from the hair and scalp. This saves you the discomfort and embarrassment of walking around with greasy locks. However, your beard requires a different approach. The hair on your face is thicker than the hair on your scalp. This coarser growth requires far more oil than the strands going out of your head. Unlike the scalp, facial skin doesn’t produce sufficient levels of oil to keep beards hydrated. If you’re replenishing these essential oils with a product like Golden Beards, you’ll end up with visibly dry facial hair. As well as being unattractive and difficult to style, a dry beard is going to leave you feeling uncomfortable. The drier your skin gets and the more your scratch, the more likely you’ll be dealing with obvious signs of beard dandruff.

It’s no wonder that so many people avoid using anything other than water to clean their beards. However, a quick rinse in the shower often won’t suffice. Things like pollen can become trapped in beard hair, causing all manner of issues for people who suffer from hay fever. Showering daily can go so far in getting rid of these harmful particles and bacteria, but you’ll eventually need to give your beard the TLC it deserves.

Should Beard Shampoos Be Used Every Day?

This depends on a few factors. If you’re someone who suffers from oily skin, it’s a good idea to reach for a bottle of your preferred beard shampoo once every couple of days. If your skin is on the dry side, you’ll want to leave a few days in between shampooing your facial hair. Even the most delicate formulas can rip the moisture from your face, leading to dry and irritated skin.

Next, consider the kind of beard coverage you’re working with. If your beard is particularly coarse, it’ll dry out fairly quickly. As such, you won’t need to shampoo it every day. Once or twice a week should prove more than sufficient. For a thinner, sparser beard, you can be a bit more liberal when it comes to your grooming ritual and shampooing frequency.