How to Make Quick Work of Finding a New Fragrance

Thinking about switching up your scent? You’re not alone. The market for men’s fragrances has never been in a better place. By the end of 2023, more than £104 million was spent on men’s fragrance in the UK alone. This is a marked increase compared to previous years and more than double what was being spent only a decade ago. Some men stick with the same scent for years, while others swap sprays out every month. Need help selecting your next fragrance? Our handy guide breaks down the key things you need to know.

Not All Fragrances Are Created Equal

For maximum satisfaction, you need to know what you’re buying. If you’re prepared to spend a little more on a new scent, a premium parfum is the way to go. These scents typically have a high concentration of essential oils, with the likes of Versace perfume often boasting concentrations as high as 30%. Once applied, scents will linger for up to eight hours, making them ideal for all-day wear. If you’re after something more affordable, go with an eau de parfum. These products are slightly less concentrated but still produce an enduring aroma.

An even more budget-friendly alternative would be an eau de toilette like Versace Eros. Although these fragrances rarely contain concentrations higher than 15%, they’re a good choice for everyday wear. If you have particularly sensitive skin, choosing a less concentrated fragrance is often a good idea.

Understanding Fragrance Layers

If you’re looking to add a brand-new cologne to your aromatic arsenal, you’ll need to wrap your head around fragrance layers. As with women’s perfume, men’s fragrances feature three distinct layers. The top notes are what hit your olfactory senses first. These tend to be sharp and citrusy, although spices are also common.

These quickly give way to the middle notes, which linger for longer and form the true backbone of any fragrance. Middle notes stick around for at least twenty minutes before giving way to top notes, so make sure you’re happy with what’s hitting your nose. Middle and top notes tend to be woody and herbaceous, with ingredients like anise, bergamot and sage being particularly common.

Choose the Right Fragrance for Every Occasion

Some fragrances work better as everyday scents, while others are best reserved for the evening. If you’re after something you can spray on liberally before heading to the office, reach for bright and cheery citrus fragrances. You’ll benefit from zesty top notes that will leave you feeling fresh, but you want to worry about overwhelming the senses of your coworkers.

Do you have a date scheduled? A strong fragrance is just as important as a killer outfit. When you’re out to impress, reach for something from the woody or oriental family of fragrances. You’re looking for musky character and earthy middle and base notes here. Finally, think about where you’re actually applying fragrance. The so-called pulse points are an ideal place to anoint with your fragrance of choice. Target the wrists, lower jaw and neck for maximum impact.

Furthermore, only apply to dry skin once you’ve showered and shaved. You can of course reapply fragrance as and when required, but don’t overdo it. Remember, a good fragrance evolves over time. The longer you leave it, the more refined the aroma will become.