Stop Smoking Help & Vaping Articles

Help, advice & products to help you quit smoking whether thats through effective stop smoking techniques or using a healthier, smoking alternatives such as vaping, also known as e-cigarettes.

Going cold turkey on smoking and giving up cigarettes straight away is extremely hard for smokers who have been smoking for many years. Giving up smoking requires help & support which readers can find without our stop smoking articles.

Vaping is a massively popular smoking alternative at the moment and within our stop smoking articles you’ll find information on vaping and how you can switch from smoking tobacco to e-cigarettes, which is relatively more healthy than smoking.

Read our popular stop smoking & vaping articles from Natural Ways To Help You Give Up Smoking to Why You Should Climb Aboard The E-Cigarette Bandwagon, if you’re looking to give up smoking.

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Vaping – Where Do I Start?


If you’re based in the UK, you’re one of the luckiest new vapers in the world. With increasingly tight regulations […]

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