5 Types Of Male Grooming Products To Introduce Into Your Grooming Routine

Guys, it’s no good to still be using your partner’s beauty products and devices. There are a whole host of products designed purely for men so there has never been a better time to have your own stash of male grooming products in your wash bag, to live your best groomed life.

If you’re worried, then you shouldn’t be. These 5 male grooming products won’t leave you with any unwanted attention. Reap the benefits of better skin, a well-groomed beard and fresh, wide-open eyes.

5 Types Of Male Grooming Products To Introduce Into Your Grooming Routine:

1. Treat Your Beard To It’s Own Shampoo

Beard’s are great; ideal for giving you a jawline if you don’t have one, making you look 5 years older if you have a baby face or just helping to give you a more masculine look. But, a beard is heaven to dirt, sweat, dandruff and even food, yuck!

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert, Beard Shampoo, Barber Club 3-in-1 Beard, Hair & Face Wash, 200 mlJust like the hair on your head, it is important to take care of your facial hair too! A great way to care for your beard is by using a beard shampoo and conditioner. This product helps to clean the beard by washing away the debris & dirt but also leaves the beard feeling soft and ‘style-able’.

A recommended Beard Shampoo of ours is the L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Barber Club 3-in-1 Beard, Hair & Face Wash. This beard shampoo washes away beard flakes and dandruff, removes residue, leaving your beard feeling soft and smooth. It is enriched with Cedar wood Essential Oil. No soap, parabens or colourants and made without any ingredients derived from animals.

How to Use:

  1. Wet your face, beard or hair with warm water.
  2. Squeeze a generous amount of the gel onto your finger tips and apply it by spreading it onto your beard, face and hair.
  3. Rinse off thoroughly.

Before you even think about using a regular shampoo on your beard, we would strongly advise against it. The hair on your head is very different to your facial hair. The hair on your head is often much thinner, resulting in your beard hair feeling more coarse and thicker in comparison. It is the thickness of your facial hair that needs a more specific shampoo. Obviously, you can use a beard shampoo on your hair, just not the other way round.

2. Get A Men’s Moisturiser That Works For You

Everyone is different. Once you get your head around that and start using that to your advantage, you will you step up your grooming routine. Just like above, we discussed how the hair on your head is different to your facial hair, skin is different from person to person but also different by body area.

For example, some guys will suffer with acne and spots often because they have oily skin. As we age, the structure of our skin changes and wrinkles become more prominent. Therefore, a) it is important not to use your partners products or a friends and b) important to understand what your skin needs.

If 2020 is the year where you finally decide to start using skincare products, we can appreciate that you don’t want to start spending £20+ on skincare products for men. Therefore, we say go with a moisturiser as your first product and go for an affordable but credible brand like Bulldog Skincare. They have really simplified how guys can shop moisturisers by splitting their range into Original, Sensitive, Oil-Control, Anti-Aging and Energising. It couldn’t be easier right?!

3. Take A Time Out

No Drama Natural red clay maskIn our latest article ‘5 ‘Must-Have’ Products For Men For When We Come Out Of Lockdown‘ we featured the natural red clay mask from No Drama as a must have product.

There will come a time where just washing your face simply isn’t enough from time to time. After all, it is a big ask of any product to completely clean your skin within 30 seconds. Therefore, we like to combine our grooming routines with a face mask.

Face masks are a great way to help purify the skin, removing any excess oils and dead skin cells. But also helping to freshen up the skin by delivering a much needed hit of essential oils, minerals and vitamins. A face mask will leave your skin looking younger and full of life, again.

4. See Your Best Mate More, Your Barber

When it comes to upping your grooming routine, a visit to your barber is one of those instant, quick-wins. You will walk out the barbers feeling twice as good as how you walked in, fact!

In the last couple of years, guys have been using their barber more and more as an essential feel good service by visiting more frequently. Leaving less time between each visit. Prior to this, we used to spend ages in front of the bathroom mirror using every men’s hair styling product under the sun. Mainly because we left it a little too long between our haircuts. Now we make our barbers do the hard work for us by visiting every 2-3 weeks. All we need to do is spend minutes in the morning running some product in our hair before we need to go back again for another ‘top-up’.

Not only do frequent visits to the barbers help maintain our hairstyles, they also help to improve our hair health. Regular visits help our hair look thicker and healthier as wispy ends and split ends are frequently cut off.

5. No More Broken Windows!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So why do so many of us walk around with damaged, tired, broken windows then?!

Eyes can often be a tell-tale sign of someone’s mood. Glazed over eyes can give someone the indication that you aren’t interested and red, puffy eyes can make it look like you’re sad.

Heath Eye Serum for Men, 15mlThe above may be fine if thats what you want people to think. But, if thats not how you’re feeling then you could be giving the wrong impression. Think in particular to job interviews or meeting the in-laws, do you really want them to think you’re not interested because your eyes are telling a different story to what is coming out of your mouth?

It is time us men started paying some attention to our eyes by using specific skincare products for our eyes. Take Heath’s Eye Serum for Men for example. This product is specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. The result? Instantly brightened and refreshed eyes. But, How? The product helps to cool and support hydration around the eyes whilst protecting from Blue light, UV and IR wavelengths.


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