Top 5 Best Beard Oil Brands & Beard Grooming Brands For 2020

Growing a beard or want to gain control over your growing facial hair? Then you need to know about the best beard oil brands & grooming brands on the market for 2020. You will know only too well that there is a fine line between looking smooth & sophisticated to looking like a scruffy hermit. There is a huge misconception regarding beards and beard care. The assumption is that all you have to do is not shave or trim your beard and let nature take its course.

The above statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst, growing a beard requires patience. More work is involved than just avoiding a razor or beard trimmer. A huge part of growing a beard is using the best beard products to help it look, feel and be as healthy as it can be.

A beard oil is the most important beard grooming products you should invest in to help up your beard game. If you are new to beard oils though, you may not know which is the best one for you. In the following post we want to help point you in the right direction and are therefore going to highlight who we feel are the best beard oil brands of 2020.

Top 5 Beard Oil & Grooming Brands For 2020:

1. Braw Beard Oils


The first on our list is Braw Beard Oils, one of our best beard oil brands for 2020. Braw Beard Oils have been serving beard owners around the world with beard oils and grooming products since 2012.

The reason they are so popular is because their products are handmade in Scotland using only natural ingredients. The brand was founded by John who’s had a beard since he was 16 years old.

After a mountain bike crash, John was introduced to traditional Chinese medicine and learned how to experiment with ingredients & oils.

John, the owner of Braw Beard Oils, first worked with different base and essential oil combinations for tui na and sports massage before gravitating towards creating a suitable conditioner for his beard.

Best Beard Oil | Wulver from Braw Beard Oils

His aim was to come up with a formula for an oil that helped his beard to look good after outdoor activities and sports. Conditions that can strip beards of their natural oils and haircare properties.

The beard oils produced by Braw Beard Oils are aimed at men of all kinds with beards at all stages; not just a fully grown beard. These are some of the best beard oils for stubble too.

You can pick up a wide range of products direct from Braw Beard Oils website.

One of our favourite products in the range (and everyone else’s judging by the amount of 5 star reviews) is the Wulver Facial Hair Conditioner – 50 ml, which you can see on the right.


2. The Brighton Beard Company


The Brighton Beard Company was setup in the English seaside town by Lloyd and Jessica. Their distinctive aim was to create a beard care brand that helps nourish and style the beards of urban dwellers.

Lloyd and Jessica run a fairly small operation, so you know when you buy something with the Brighton Beard Company logo stamped on it, that is was made with a lot of love and attention.

As well as owning some of the best beard oils and best beard balms, they also produce moustache waxes, wash bags and combs.

Aside from the size of the company and the real grass roots feel, the main selling point is that they only use wholesome and pure ingredients that are chosen for their benefits to your beard and skin and scent.

One of our best beard oil - the brighton beard company miller beard oil

You can now buy their products on Amazon, pick up their Mandarin & Cedarwood Beard Balm here or their The Miller’s Beard Oil here, both under £15.



3. Murdock London


Murdock London is the brainchild of Brendan Murdock, an Irishman living in London.

Brendan was unsatisfied with what was on offer from high street barbers and unisex salons. The founder of Murdock London wanted to to establish a grooming experience that felt like a St James barbershop. All while aimed at the style-conscious men of modern Britain.

The company produces daily essentials, colognes and barbershop experiences featuring ingredients only sourced and made in England.

The idea was men could come along to the masculine environment of the salon, enjoy their favourite drink while have a hair cut, beard trim or full wet shave by one of the very skilled stylists.

The first Murdock London barbershop was established in Shoreditch in 2006 with six others following soon after.

In response to the needs of his clientele, Brendan created the signature brand of skincare, grooming and cologne products. Murdock himself is one of the biggest draws to these products and his expert knowledge, as well featuring raw and organic ingredients he has sourced over the years and are developed to needs and preferences of men around the world.

You can buy Murdock London’s grooming range directly from, one of our favourite online Male Grooming retailers, where they often have several money off offers too.

Give their 5 star rated Murdock London Beard Shampoo a try. A great product to energise your beard with it’s pH-balanced formula, designed to remove grease and wash away dirt and impurities. Get these product benefits without drying the facial hair out – something all to common with more beard products on the market.

4. Hommer Man And Beard

Hommer Man & Beard

Hommer Man and Beard takes inspiration from history while being directed by nature and moulded by knowledge.

The company is a team of design, hair grooming and cosmetology experts. They are all committed to creating great quality beard grooming products.

Part of their core values is to create innovative products using natural ingredients.

Greek history and mythology is the main source of the brand’s inspiration. At the heart when creating products that clean, moisturise and guard not just your facial hair but also your skin too.

Hommer even have their own unique fragrance; vetiver, bitter chocolate and woody tones with distilled essences and memories of travels far and wide.

Percy Nobleman Premium Beard Oil

5. Percy Nobleman

Probably the most well known and best beard brands, and one of the most popular in the male grooming industry.

Percy Nobleman was established by a forward thinking and very conscientious young man with a head for business. His aim was to follow his ancestors in creating natural and wholesome products.

Percy Nobleman moustache, beard and hair products are made from organic and nurturing ingredients. The character that represents the brand, Percy, is seen as the typical English gent. A man who gets up early to prepare himself for the day ahead, ensuring his facial hair is impeccable.

One of our top rated beard oils - the percy nobleman beard conditioning oil

You can pick up some Percy Nobleman beard care products from Boots from £9.99 or even cheaper when the products are on promo – which they often are.

One of our favourite beard oil’s come from Percy Nobleman. The beard oil is one of the best on the market. It leaves you with a great looking and smelling beard. Many users of the beard oil recommend the whole brand, claiming you won’t be disappointed.

2020 is sure to be another big year for the world of beard oils & beard grooming. Many established beard oil & grooming brands continue to put out new products designed with the well-being of your skin and facial hair in mind.

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