Why The Barbershop Matters More Now Than Ever!

When our hair starts to grow faster and longer, nostalgia for the barbers is inevitable. As a utility, the barbers has outgrown itself. What used to be a place for a quick trim has transformed into a new and exciting mix of extensive male grooming and a comforting social space for men.

4 Reasons Why The Barbershop Matters Now More Than Ever:

1. Opening Up

Barbershops are very rarely quiet places. Chatting with your barber is one of those small things in life that can make all the difference. Maybe it’s the sense of detachment that isn’t there with other people, but a lot of men tend to find it much easier to open up to their barbers. Whether it’s been a long, difficult day at work or you’re struggling to find the right present for your other half, one of our favourite things about the barber shop is opening up for a chat.

2. Appearances Matter

There’s a big difference between vanity and enjoying sprucing yourself up. This is what the barbers is all about, so embrace it! Giving yourself a peek into the mirror and being proud of how you’re looking has never been more acceptable. We believe it’s really important to have these spaces available for men, boosting self-esteem and allowing them to feel pride in their appearance. If you’re making a bold and risky hair decision, your barber will be the first to back you up.

3. Revel In Your Masculinity

The barbershops stand as unique environments in society that are suited entirely for men. Without being toxic, macho places, barbershops are places where men can enjoy their masculinity without any of the unnecessary pressure. The sense of community that can exist in a barbershop is completely unique.

4. A Stronger Connection With Society

If you’re not sitting down in a queue for the barbers, you’re going to the wrong places. Waiting it out is part of the game, but we don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Connecting with the world is a big part of the barbershop experience and always has been. Whether you’re speaking to the man next to you or not, you know that they’re waiting for the same reason you are. We’re all a bit more connected than you might think and sitting in the barber’s chair provides some food for thought. It doesn’t matter where you come from, all walks of life relish a trip to the barbers.

Unfortunately, there’s some things that a barber can’t fix. Hair loss has always been seen as an inevitable and unsolvable problem. We’re happy to say that’s not the case anymore. Sons have created a winning formula that uses proven science to create unique treatment plans for every man. Whether you’re on the cusp of losing your hair or you’re noticing some thinning, Sons can help you out with shampoo and supplements.

After a tough few months for barbershops not only in the UK but around the world, men are understanding more than ever the importance of that enjoyable trip to the local barbershop. Rather than playing a purely functional role in society, barbershops have evolved into an environment for men to talk and become part of a community. If your barber is currently closed due to Covid restrictions, make sure to pop down for a trim and a chat and support local business, once they reopen again.