The Top 5 Best Beard Oils In The UK For 2020

The beard is here to stay, there is no arguing that. Thanks to relaxed work wear policies and the popularity of beards with all our favourite celebrities and fashion icons, guys are putting down the razor and picking up the beard oils. Beards aren’t just for hipsters. Oh no, any guy can rock an epic beard, as long as he know what he’s doing. Want our advice on how to grow a better beard than all your mates? Always, use a beard oil! Therefore, we’ve found the top 5 best beards oils in the UK.

Top 5 Best Beard Oils UK For 2020:

Not everyone can be bearded. If you are fortunate to be blessed with a beard, you need a beard oil in your life. Ideally one of these.

1. Brisk Citrus Beard Oil 50ml

Brisk Citrus Beard Oil 50mlAny bearded guy who enjoys using beard oils know all too well that the scents beard oil’s are available in are limited. Often just cedar wood or alpine.

This Citrus beard oil from Brisk is perfect to soften and tame wiry beards. The beard oil is designed for grizzly beards after all. The oil is fast absorbing and coats the hairs easily, allowing it to soften the beard hairs so easily.

Not only is the citrus beard oil from Brisk great to hydrating beard hair, it also helps to moisturise the skin, helping it to feel less dry and itchy.

This beard oil will give you a perfectly oiled beard in just a few drops. It helps to stop itching associated with beards and smells great too, all making it one of our best beard oils in the UK right now.

Buy it from for £6.99 from Boots.

Johnny's Chop Shop Beard Oil 30ml2. Johnny’s Chop Shop Beard Oil 30ml

A beard oil from one of our favourite men’s hair styling brands, Johnny’s Chop Shop. These guys know hair and know how to help guys look and feel their best.

This 30ml beard oil is great value for money, given it is only £6. Probably the cheapest price you will find a premium beard oil at. Johnny’s Chop Shop Beard Oil is rich in natural oils and is free of parabens, specially formulated to nourish from root to tip.

Excellent value for money. Works really well to soften the beard, whilst hydrating it and helping it look healthy with some shine.

Buy it for £6 from Boots.

3. Percy Nobleman Beard Conditioning Oil Scented 100ml

Percy Nobleman Beard Conditioning Oil Scented 100mlA well known beard brand and one of our top 5 beard brands. The 100ml beard conditioning beard oil had to make it onto the list of the top 5 beard oils.

Ideal for a coarse and weathered beard down to everyday grooming, this oil can be used by anyone. Containing a mixture of quality ingredients that softens and conditions your facial hair.

Specially scented with Percy’s signature fragrance, this beard oil has a blend of the finest oils including Sweet Almond, Argan, Marula, Jojoba & Avocado to help style and maintain any beard.

For the best results use once daily.

Buy it for £19.99 from Boots.

4. The Bearded Gent’s Beard Oil, Vanilla & Mango

The Bearded Gent's Beard Oil, Vanilla & MangoThe Bearded Gent is a manufacturer of exceptional grooming products for men. With no nut oils in any of their beard oils, their beard oils are suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

The beard oil contains Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed Oil. Ideal for moisturising and conditioning dry beards, reducing dandruff and making your beard hair softer, silkier and shinier. The Jojoba Oil also helps with the growth of hair; it naturally protects and moisturises your hair follicles, giving you the best chance of hair growth.

The fragrance is more vanilla than mango but gorgeous all the same

With almost 5 stars on Amazon from over 200 reviews, you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Buy it for around £5.50 from Amazon.

5. The Brighton Beard Company Old Joll’s Mandarin, Cedar Wood and Juniper Beard Oil

The Brighton Beard Company Old Joll's Mandarin, Cedar Wood and Juniper Beard OilOur favourite & best beard oil UK for 2020. Like all of The Brighton Beard Company’s products, the beard oil is made by hand and only contains the best ingredients. All aimed to nourish not just your facial hair but also the skin beneath.

Most people believe that beard oils are only for beards. However, this product is also great for shorter facial hair like stubble.

The oil contains jojoba oil, vitamin E and oils from Mandarin, Cedar Wood and Juniper. The combination of these oils is what gives this beard oil it’s signature fragrance.

Only 3 drops are required for a short to medium length beard. For longer beards, 4 drops may be required. One of the reviews on the brand’s website states that the user “needs to carry a stick now to keep the women at bay”. This sums up the beard oil, everyone will love it!

One of the reasons we love this brand is because of the exclusivity of the brand. You won’t find The Brighton Beard Company on most retail websites, despite the popularity of the brand.

Buy it for under £8, direct from The Brighton Beard Company website.

5 great beard oil from some of the best beard brands in the UK right now. One of these beard oils will set you up well for 2020. Let us know if there is a beard brand you’d recommend in the comments section below.