David Beckham Hairstyle Home Guide, Cut & Products To Use

How to style your hair like David Beckham

David Beckham is a massive trend setter, if not the trend setter, when its comes to male grooming and men’s fashion. He’s someone most men look up to, aspire to be like.

Over David’s time in the public eye, he has supported a wide range of hair styles, some fresh and on-trend styles and a few that weren’t so great – like cornrows, what was he thinking?

Thankfully, through all the trial and error of David Beckham’s hair, he is now the ultimate style and grooming king and his hair is 100% on point. Curious about David’s previous hairstyle? Check out our Look Back At David Beckham’s Hairstyles Over The Years’

Never fear, although you might not look as great as David (harsh reality), we have the ultimate style advice to at least achieve hair as great as his in the comfort of your own home.

David Beckham’s Hair Through Time

See for your self how much David’s hair has changed over time below, going from blonde highlights to the classic pompadour look which is dominating male grooming right now.

How To Style Your Hair Like David Beckham

Below is a great video by ‘Slikhaar TV‘  which shows you how to style your hair the same way David styled his in H&M’s marketing campaign.

The advert where we we saw him running around town in his underwear – a win for some all over the world!

In the campaign we see David Beckham supporting his traditional side sweep/quiff – a style which is bang on trend for this year.

The video has some recommended David Beckham hair products which will help you achieve hair like David’s side sweep/quiff at home, we’ve tried them and can confirm the products work a treat.

Slikhaar TV‘ – a men’s hairstyling youtube channel which provide styling tips every week to help inspire men to perfect themselves through style and perfect hair. The male grooming channel was founded by twin brothers Emil and Rasmus. Every week they provide us with new hairstyling inspiration: from tutorials, how to videos, celebrity and footballer hairstyles and professional tips to optimize your hair and overall style. Make sure you give their channel a browse, there is a video for every hair style you can think of. 

David Beckham Hair Product:

David Beckham Hair Product

In the video the guys show you what products you need to use to help style your hair like David.

The guys recommend using Gold Digger 65ml which is a professional hair wax with an extreme hold and a matte finish.

You can pick this product up for around £23 on amazon. The hair product may seem a little pricey but when you read the reviews (rated 5* online) it seems to be worth every penny – you won’t be disappointed. 

Also, the product used to cost around £50, so the fact you can now buy this David Beckham hair product for less than half of this means it is a real steal.

Gold Digger Travel is great if you’re going away in the summer or want to try it out before you purchase the largest size.

That ‘side sweep/quiff’ hairstyle that David Beckham rocks looks so natural, not styled with loads of product or made to look greasy, over-groomed or unnatural. That’s why we love it.

It genuinely looks like he could have rolled out of bed, ran his fingers through his hair and was ready to go hair with too much product is a big no no! The Gold Digger hair product helps you achieve style just as good as David’s, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Now you’ve got the right product, see our step by step guide below on how to style your hair like David Beckham’s.

David Beckham Hairstyle Guide:

We’ve outlined the steps featured in the above David Beckham hair styling guide video below. You can follow the below step by step guide to get your own David Beckham hairstyle. Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

  1. Apply a styling mousse onto damp hair to provide it with hold and root lift.
  2. Blow dry your hair back and away from the face, working especially on the front section of the hair.
  3. Once your hair is dried properly, depending on how straight your hair is you may wish to straighten your hair so it is easier to work with.
  4. Apply the product, working the hair in a sideward motion and the front into a quiff-like style. Choose between a workable wax or creamy paste for the best results.
  5. Finish off by spraying the hair with a lasting finishing hairspray; this will assure the style is kept in place all day.

See our recommended hairsprays for men below – hairspray that gives you maximum hold to keep your hair how you styled it.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Hairspray 750ml

  • Quick Drying
  • No Stickiness
  • Spray directly onto dry hair from approx. 30cm


Schwarzkopf GOT2B Blasting Freeze Spray 300 ml

  • Glued Blasting Freeze Spray
  • Use For Screaming Hold
  • Create scandalously strong hold or fix the results of styling
  • Freeze your hair until you next shampoo


TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Strong Hold Hairspray, 385 ml

  • Relentless hold and control
  • Dries Instantly
  • The more you use the harder it gets.

Got any tips or recommended products of your own to achieve a David Beckham hairstyle? Then get in touch with us to share your wisdom with the male grooming world.

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