Big And Little Details That Make Up A Unique Style

On our little section of the web we love style and fashion. We like looking and feeling our best. As one of our readers, you might wonder what is the most important thing to think about when defining your style. Is it your clothes, your ride? Maybe it’s your body image or your hairstyle? It could even be the tech that you carry around in your pocket. Well, we’ve got new for you. All these big and little, seemingly insignificant things affect how people perceive your style. If you want people to be impressed, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to look your best. Let’s jump right into it and start by thinking about your wardrobe.

Wearing The Right Threads

Your wardrobe should be divided into a few sections. These might be formal clothes, informal clothes and workout clothes. A big mistake guys make is to wear workout clothes when they aren’t exercising. Work out clothes aren’t casual wear and no matter how much you may want them to be, they aren’t fashionable. Unless you’re wearing them for exercise they should remain in your wardrobe. If you’re interested in some new designer sports gear have a look at

Aside from that, all your clothes should have key features. They should have designer labels. It doesn’t matter whether you can see the label or not. You should be buying your clothes from fashionable stores whether it’s a suit or a pair of jeans. We’ll let you off with socks.

The second is that your clothes should match. You shouldn’t be wearing outfits with different parts that clash. You might have seen celebs wearing ridiculous outfits but  they can pull it off. Unless you’re very sure of yourself, you won’t be able to.

Finally, don’t forget about the accessories. The right accessory completes an outfit. This might be the perfect designer watch or a brilliant silk tie with your suit. You can’t forget about the little things. If you do, you won’t look fashionable no matter how much you spend.

The Ride Your Drive

If you work in the business industry, you should be aware of how important appearance is. But the truth is that appearance is important in every aspect of your life. That’s why you should never nip to the shops in sweats. You never know who you might run into. It could be a potential love interest, it could be your next boss!


It’s also why you have to think carefully when choosing what car you want to drive around in. It needs to have excellent curb appeal, and we mean this literally. Your car should look fantastic when it’s parked outside next to the curb. If you think you need a lot of money think again. A fine example of a stylish car that matches most men’s budgets is the Honda Civic. You’ll be able to afford this on an average paycheck, and it will look stunning on your driveway. You can get a used Honda Civic for anything under twenty grand. You can go over to and see exactly what we mean.

Don’t forget your car doesn’t have to be new to be impressive. You just need to keep it well maintained and wash it regularly. Don’t fall into the trap of letting your car look a state. This will reflect badly on you. How a man handles and treats his possessions says  a lot about him as a person.

Pulling Out The Right Tech

We’re not sure when tech became fashionable. But it definitely is now. When you’re judging whether someone is successful you can’t help but look at the tech that they’re using. That might be the phone they pull out their pocket or the laptop that they type on in Starbucks. Technology is just as important as any other style feature.

When using tech, you need to make sure you’re not defiling it. What we mean by this is that you shouldn’t be putting covers on your phones or your tablets. You may think you’re protecting it but remember the tech has been designed with style in mind. It wasn’t build for covers that hide the beauty of the tech underneath. Besides, if you need to protect your tech you’re just showing people that you can’t afford to get it replaced.

You may also want to think about tech brands. Some brands are associated with success and money. For instance, almost every tech expert would agree Apple aren’t lightyears ahead of other tech innovators. Most of the tech they produce is the same as a number of other brands on the market. But they are in part popular because they’re fashionable. If you want to be fashionable, it makes sense to buy from a company that is always part of the latest tech trends.

Hair And Body

Now let’s look at some of the physical body features related to style and fashion. They key body feature related to style is your hairstyle. Hairstyle is now just as important for men as it is for women. You need to make sure that you’re keeping up with the latest trends and that your hair doesn’t look like a mess. Unless, it’s been styled that way. To get an idea for modern hairstyles, you can look at celebrities. You have see what we mean at commonly change their hair to match the latest trends and there is no shame in copying their style. You just need to make sure that their style choice suits you. if you’re unsure, then ask the stylist. They will be able to recommend the right style for your appearance.

Don’t forget that facial hair is also important. If you have facial hair, it needs to be well groomed. You should still be shaving or trimming regularly to keep it neat and tidy. It should never look a mess or look scruffy. Even if you are opting for the unshaven look, there are ways to style this accordingly.

Lastly, you have to keep care of your body. You need to be eating a good diet and exercising regularly. Remember, stylish clothing is designed with a specific body shape in mind. For men, it’s muscular and lean. If you don’t have this body image, you need to work on that, taking care of yourself. Check out what foods to eat for a good diet on

If you can tick off all these boxes you will be able to perfect your own fashion and sense of style.

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