Best Men’s Shoes for New York

New York, a destination we all aspire to visit at least once in our lives, a place we all work our socks off to make sure we get to visit the Big Apple at least once.

It goes without saying that you want to enjoy every single moment whilst you’re there. What with there being so many different things to see; like Central Park, the Empire State build, the Statue of Liberty… the list is endless. Someone once told me that there are enough food places in New York to eat out every single night without going to the same place twice, now thats impressive!

Be Smart With Luggage

The concert jungle, as New York is sometimes referred to, will give your feet a beating whilst you’re there if you don’t pack correctly – trust me, I’ve learnt first hand. Theres so much to see and you don’t want to miss out, but we all take for granted the effect all this walking on hard surfaces has on our feet; blisters, achy feet & tired legs. If you don’t think smartly about your choice of footwear, you way have to kiss goodbye to seeing everything you aspired to see whilst in New York.

We often don’t prepare or take the right things with us for a ‘city-style’ destination like New York City and end up either moaning about our feet or having to put up with Moaning Murtle dragging their feet the whole time.

Ensure you leave Moaning Murtle back home by making sure you, or the person you’re going with, takes an appropriate pair of shoes for the daytime – my choice of shoe is a pair of sturdy, well-made pair of Boots like Timerlands and thats exactly what I took. Their waterproof too, so you wont be left with achy AND soggy feet if you get caught in a sudden down pour – who knows what the weather will be like these days?!

Timberland Boots – Full Marks

The Timberland boots I took were the Men’s 6″ Premium in Dark Chocolate, they also come in other colours such as Black so you’re aren’t limited in choice. I felt that the typically Wheat Nubuck colour that are typically associated with Timberlands can be a bit hit or miss. You also have to remember that some bars or restaurants ban them. But overall, for comfort and durability you can’t go wrong with a pair of Timberlands.

Like I said, Timberlands were the shoes I took when visiting the Big Apple and I can’t recommend them enough. I saw all the sites I aspired to see and then some…

If you’re still in doubt, my last piece of advice would be not to be put off by the price tag. These shoes aren’t your typical shoe purchase, there an investment. I can’t see me needing to buy another pair of boots anytime soon, the design of the boots wont go out of style, there timeless. The boots are so well made that I can’t see them needing replacing anytime soon like you would with a cheaper, trainer like shoes. I’m already planning my next city break to take them on… got any holiday recommendations? Then leave a comment below.