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GroomingMail is an online destination blog for the modern man reaching thousands of readers every month. We’re committed to keeping him up to date on male grooming, lifestyle and men’s fashion through articles, product reviews and hints & tips.

Have a look around our blog and get a feel for what we’re about. If your brand fits with our style then drop us a message via our contact page and allow us to market your products & brand for you.

GroomingMail is an online blog committed to male related topics such as male grooming, men’s fashion, men’s health, lifestyle and so much more.

Our Readers

Our readers are predominately 18-44 year old males based in the UK, who are interested in leading a fashionable, well-groomed ands stylish lifestyle.

However, you’d be surprised to discover how many women are using our articles to try to figure out men. For example, discovering the best beard brands for 2018 so they can surprise him with the perfect gift.

The majority of our readers are based in the UK but we also target readers from the United States, Canada and Australia. We’re proud to say that we’re an international male grooming blog.

How We Can Market Your Brand

Sponsored Posts – We’re happy to accept sponsored posts on the basis that the topics, products and brands included are relevant to our audience, the modern man. We particularly enjoy articles on topics such as skincare, hair care, beard care, lifestyle and men’s fashion – all the topics the modern man loves to read about.

Banner Advertisement – If you’re looking to expand your customer reach through our high number of page views, then be sure to enquire about the banner advertisement we have available. It’s a sure way to get your brand & products in front of 10s of thousands of pairs of eyes.

Unique Partnership – As a online destination blog for the modern man, we’re always happy to explore unique partnership and sponsorship opportunities for brands relevant to our readership. We’d love to work with brands on a solus basis where your brand would be the only advertisement that our customers see via a site-wide takeover.

Affiliates – we often include affiliate links in our posts and advertising content using affiliate websites such as ‘Affiliate Window (Awin)’ and ‘Amazon Affiliates’. These sites pay us a small amount of commission every time a product we recommend is purchased to allow us to go on producing content for our readers.

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