5 ‘Must-Have’ Products For Men For When We Come Out Of Lockdown

5 'Must-Have' Products For Men For When We Come Out Of Lockdown

Well hasn’t 2020 been one hell of a year?! Wildfires, storms and COVID – haven’t we been lucky? Whilst the weeks of lockdown are merging together, there is some talk from the UK Government about planning our ‘release’. Some form of normality is on the horizon, but still too far away to grasp right now. Whilst some of us will open the release of normality with open arms, going back to our pre-COVID routine may be a shock to the system. To make the transition to normality easier, here are our 5 must-have products for when we come out of lockdown.

5 ‘Must-Have’ Products For Men For When We Come Out Of Lockdown:

1. A Premium Automatic Umbrella

Totes Premium Automatic Umbrella

When we finally get the nod and lock down restrictions are lifted, most of us will find ourselves going back to work and thus, the commute to work will be back.

We’ve had the luxury of keeping dry by staying inside during lockdown, so most of us will be taken back by the rain. Rain isn’t something we’ve had to think about so we can bet money on the fact that many of us with leave the house without cover. After all, this is the UK we’re talking about and the UK weather is the one thing we can’t rely on. So, make sure you’ve got protection on days where it is overcast and obviously raining.

Plus, umbrellas can be a great men’s fashion accessory for any ‘work’ look. So, if you have to carry an umbrella, you might as well carry a stylish one!

2. Schwarzkopf LIVE Male Hair Colourants

Schwarzkopf LIVE Men Espresso Brown 880 Permanent ColourIn lockdown, some of us have taken full advantage of social distancing and gone bold. You only have to spend 5 minutes on TikTok to see how many guys have dyed their hair vibrant colours like blue, blonde and even pink!

However, as some of us go back to work post the lockdown restrictions being lifted, some of us may not be in a position to walk back into the office tomorrow if we needed to. Due to some companies uniform policies, vibrant hair colours may not be acceptable and you may need to reverse the changes. Give Schwarzkopf LIVE Men Espresso Brown Permanent Colour a try. A great hair dye for men offering:

  • Intense hair colour
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Vibrant colour
  • Fade resistant

Loving your lockdown look? If you want to maintain your bold look, then don’t worry they have pink, purple, blues and greys (if the boss allows!).

3. Be Prepared to Travel With The Rock Luggage Windsor Travel Case.

Rock luggage black Windsor cabin suitcaseOh my god. A weekend break in Europe is what we’ve missed the most whilst being stuck at home. One of the perks of living in the UK is having Europe on our doorstep. To be honest, I think most of us are having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to pay a flying visit to Spain for its epic tapas or Italy for its beautiful cities.

Once lockdown is restricted and air travel is safe, then you bet a hot country is on the list for a visit (after the family of course!).

If there is one thing that has revolutionised flying, it is swapping 2 wheels for 4. A hard-shelled, cabin approved 4 wheel suitcase is a must for weekends away. You can pick up travel suitcases in a variety of designs and colours. Our favourite has to be the Windsor cabin case from Rock Luggage which you can pick up for £70.

4. Get Ready For Your Coffee Fix With A Reusable Coffee Cup

Insulated Coffee Cup, Double Walled Travel Mug Vacuum Insulation Stainless Steel with Leakproof LidThere are 2 things that we feel could be a positive output off the back of the virus. 1) More funding goes into the NHS as we appreciate the vital role the service plays and 2) we step up our environmental awareness.

There has been so many news reports of nature thriving due to less pollution produced by humans. Seas and mountains are becoming clearer, encouraging wildlife to thrive once again. People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in ‘decades,’ as the lockdown eases air pollution. Wild animals are seen walking the streets of, what were, busy cities and towns. It is important that once ‘normality’ is resumed, we don’t go back to the same ‘normality’.

One simply environmental change, which will have no impact on your daily life, would be to use reusable coffee cup when you buy your daily caffeine fix. Ideal as it prevents the use of natural resources such as paper to make a disposable cup but also prevents the build up of waste in landfills, polluting the earth.

You can pick up an Insulated Coffee Cup for about £10 on Amazon, so there really is no excuse to not go reusable. 

5. New Beauty Regime? Let’s Mask!

No Drama Natural red clay mask

Now, you’ve been locked in your house for weeks now with your partner that loves to use face masks regularly. Are you really going to try and tell us you haven’t tried a face mask at least once while in lockdown?

Whilst for some guys, using a face mask is nothing new. Some will be using a face mask for the first time. It’s probably best to leave binging on takeouts and being a couch potato in lock down, but discovering a new beauty product and regime is something that should stay with you on the other side.

The natural red clay mask from No Drama is a great face mask for guys. The mask will leave your skin feeling purified and balanced. Within 5 minutes, the smooth and creamy red clay gets to work on improving the skins texture and even helping keep acne at bay.


So, we can’t tell you when lockdown will be lifted, but we can tell you what 5 products you will need to help you come out of lockdown like a boss!