5 Best Men’s Hair Styling Brands For 2020 & Best Mens Hair Products UK

Men’s hair styling products can be quite an odd one. Guys are extremely loyal to their hairstyling brand & products, so much so that they fail to discover new and emerging products. Exploring new men’s haircare brands means you can find your best shampoo from brand A, your favourite styling gel or paste from brand B and an epic hairspray from brand C. Given to the popularity of men’s hair and the number of emerging men’s hair styling brands, let us help you filter out all the same-old hair styling products and discover the best mens hair products in the UK.

Top 5 Best Hair Styling Brands For 2020 & Best Mens Hair Products UK:

Be prepared to discover (or at least more wiling to try) some different hair styling brands and some of our best men’s hair products in the UK.

1. Johnny’s Chop Shop

Johnny's Chop Shop - one of our best mens hair brand UKIf you’re a regular reader of GroomingMail or are familiar with our content, then you will know that Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay is one of our favourite hair styling products for men. Not only do they own one of our favourite male grooming products, but the brand is pretty epic – they even have gifts & beard products in their range.

Johnny’s Chop Shop isn’t just a men’s hair styling brand it’s a cult barbershop chain, born in London. The brand has a retro energy about it but the products feature all the modern ingredients and technology, overall making for an epic men’s hair styling brand.

The brand now have a wide range of men’s hair styling products, one for every different hair type. Give their matt paste a try, by far one of the best matte finish hair styling products on the market in the UK. If you like to go with a textured look, then this product is perfect for you; it’s has great holding power but smell great too. We can’t recommend the product or the brand enough!

2. Mr Jamie Stevens

When we’re young, we’re so desperate to be older, so we can have independence and do what we want. But, getting older can mean gaining weight, added responsibilities and unfortunately for most guys, hair loss.

Hair loss can be really tough for guys, the equivalent of ageing skin in women. Not only can it be tough to deal with your hair loss emotionally, but it also impacts the way guys style their hair. Hair loss can mean having to change your hair style, when you really don’t want to. If you find yourself in this position then see our 7 hair cuts to help with a receding hairline here,

When it seems there is no hope, brands like Mr Jamie Stevens come to the rescue with hair styling products. Products specifically designed to be the ultimate men’s haircare system designed to help combat the challenges of thinning hair and provide everyday grooming staples to keep hair strong and healthy.

The brand has a ‘MR. STYLE’ category which features 5 styling products to help you easily achieve your everyday look, but still with the benefit of the active thickening complex, System-PPX™. This complex helps to supports the structure and strength of your hair; promoting thicker hair which is hydrated with increased breakage resistant.

This brand is the perfect brand for the older gentlemen who is currently experiencing changes to their hairline. Watch a great video from Jamie himself (the expert and multi-award winning hairdresser behind the brand) providing more tips on how to styling thinning hair.

Buy Mr Jamie Stevens from Boots where there are 13 products in the range, covering hair fibres, styling pastes and anti-hair loss shampoos and conditioners.

3. Fish Soho

Fish soho - one of our best mens hair brand UKFish is a 30 year old men’s hair styling brand that is one of our favourite men’s hair styling brands. The brand was born around the Fish Salon, in Oxford street, which has been open since 1987. Interestingly, the name comes from the fact that the premises was previously an ex-fishmonger’s – hence the name ‘Fish’.

Fish have over 20 products within their men’s hair styling range; hair fibres, creams, hairsprays, waxes, clays, the list goes on. Therefore, the brand definitely have a product for everyone, no matter what your hair type is or what your everyday hair style is.

What makes Fish one of our favourite UK men’s hair styling brands is that the brand has a signature coconut scent in all their products. Every-time you style your hair with one of their products, it instantly gets you thinking of summer.

What’s more the Fish Stonefish Clay is actually a recommended product by Robin James/ Man For Himself  who is one of our favourite UK male bloggers for 2020.

You can buy Fish from many UK stores like Boots, Superdrug or Amazon. What’s also great is that most products from the brand can be yours for under £5.

4. Hanz De Funko

Hanz Du Funko - one of our best mens hair brand UK

Now, more of a less well known brand vs. the hair styling brand featured above. Hanz de Funko is a really exciting and premium brand for guys to try in 2020.

The brand has been around for 10 years now, founded in 2009 by childhood friends Christopher Zent and David Alfonso. The pair identified a gap in the male grooming market with lacked creativity and uniqueness; the brand was born and helps you to embrace owning your own personal style through products that any guy could use.

One of the products from Hanz de Fuko that we’re obsessed with is the claymation styling product. It has a superior high hold with a perfect matte finish. The pliable clay-wax texture is easy to use, but also great for restyling your hair throughout the day.

Like anything in life, men love simplicity. This product is really easy to apply; simply warm up the product in your hands and apply to dry hair, from the hair root. Start with a small amount and built it up to your desired look.

Shop the brand at Mankind here, you can pick up a styling product for £16.

5. Uppercut Deluxe

Uppercut Delux - one of our best mens hair brand UKUppercut Deluxe is a heritage brand with years of experience in male grooming and hair care. The brand is inspired by a 1950s barbershop and is an Australian-born brand. The brand was born out of frustrations of rubbish products on the market that didn’t pay homage to the history of traditional barber shops. Based on their expertise of male grooming and hair care they developed their first product, the Deluxe Pomade.

The Deluxe Pomade has a strong hold and is the perfect pomade; it’s doesn’t dry out, gives hair the perfect shine but washes out easily. It’s not for everyone, but for anyone who rocks a high pompadour or side parting and slicked-back sides, this is definitely a hair pomade worth trying.

The brand now has 8 hair styling products in the range, plus beard products and accessories. You can pick up the products from Amazon or ASOS for under £17.

There you have it, our top 5 men’s hair styling brands for 2020. If you’ve been using the same hair wax for 5 years, consider trying something new. You might be surprised about how much better the above products will be vs. your dated, current product.