How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be a common result of rapid muscle gain from the gym, scars that most gym goers get around the chest/armpit area. They can also appear due to rapid growth spurts during puberty, common across the base of your back and around the hip region. The marks can also result from pregnancy but I don’t think us guys are going to have that problem.

Stretch marks are purplish streaks and scars that form when the tissue tears due to the underlying muscle growing faster than the skin’s elasticity can handle, so the skin eventually tears along the growth site.

Stretch marks are common in male gym goers in the pec/delt tie-in region of the upper chest, where the upper chest and front shoulder muscles connect.

Treating Stretch Marks:

Prevention is the best medicine and like most things, it starts with your diet. To ensure your skin has all the minerals and vitamins it needs to grow with your muscles , you need to ensure your diet is delivering enough of them. An alternative is multi-vitamin/mineral supplements to ensure your skin is healthy and stretchy to accommodate the muscle growth- you can pick these up from most health stores or supermarkets.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is a great way to prevent stretch marks.


Hints and tips:

Unfortunately, stretch marks are something most guys are going to have to learn to live with if they want massive muscle gains. However, there are tips on reducing the visibility and size of them.Vitamin E lotions are great for speeding up the healing process of stretch marks, reducing visibility and the size of them.

  • Coconut oil is known to be great at reducing stretch marks in the body building world.
  • Bio Oil is a great lotion that you can incorporate into your daily routine, especially if you’re bulking. Applying to the muscle area you’ve just trained at the gym is great preventative measure to avoid stretch marks.
  • Reduce stretch marks by applying Bio Oil to the affected area.
  • Make sure you’re eating a healthy balanced diet.
  • Make sure all your clothes are clean, dirty clothes can result in infection which will delay the healing process and make the marks appear redder and more prominent.
stretch mark treatment
Bio-Oil 200 ml

Got any hints and tips of your own? Then leave your wisdom and knowledge in the comments section below to help your fellow brothers out.


  1. (-:. I have very shallow (but noticeable) scars on my arm from falling out-of a tree and they make me look like I self harm!! (i dont) I need to get rid of them as fast as possible as they are embarassing. I’ve been using Bio-oil and I’ve just found a slight improvement. how long will it take for them all to fade? if Bio Oil wont work, what will.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment.
      Firstly, you shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of your scars, they are part of you and unfortunately there is always going to be some evidence of them – so learn to live with them and as cringy as it sounds, learn to ‘love’ them.
      Secondly, you probably think of them to be bad because you know they are there, which can make them appear more prominent than they actually are. The less focus you put on acknowledging that are there, the more you will forget about them and the quicker they will seem to fade. One of the big tell signs of a scar is people’s body language – people subconsciously acknowledge that they are there and so their body language changes in order to hide them, naturally.
      Bio-oil is by far one of the best treatments of scars, it helps deliver what the skin needs in order to repair the damage – apply enough to ensure that the area is well hydrated by the oil at all times for optimum results. If you forget your bio-oil then use a moisturiser as a alternative 🙂 hope this helps.

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