Treat & Prevent Body Acne With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

Body acne sucks. It can be completely demoralising and degrading, even more so than acne on your face because you’re not used to exposing it to the world. It can make simple things like going to the gym or enjoying some beers on the beach with friends an emotional challenge – you know its there for everyone to see the moment you take off your top or put on a vest and you hate the thought of people judging you for it; you know you’re a clean person and no matter how hard to try, you can’t treat your body acne.

If it’s any consolation, us men are more susceptible to body acne so take comfort knowing that you’re not the only person in the world suffering from body acne, although, sometimes it might feel like it. Went you’re at the gym, look around, you will find the majority of guys in there will suffer from body acne.

Below is a simple, lifestyle change that can help you get rid of your body acne completely and prevent bacne from returning again, bringing you one step closer to being acne free on your body.

Freshen Up to Clear Up

Eliminate body acne by making sure that all materials that your body comes into contact with on a regular basis are clean. From bedding and towels to your clothes, make sure anything that comes into contact with your skin is clean as any dirt can clogg pores and result in the inflamed, red spots that we associate with acne.

If dirt and bacteria come into contact with skin, they can block pores and aggravate skin resulting in inflammation and red-ness. They can also make acne worse through secondary infections – the foreign particles contaminate wounds and cause infections. Bodily oils which we excrete throughout the day and especially at night can have the same effect on our skin as dirt and bacteria – can’t help but feel our bodies hate us sometimes, right?

It’s important that bedding is routinely washed, due to the increased amount of oil we excrete while we sleep. This helps to minimise the risk of oil affecting and causing acne, particularly body acne.

We recommend that bedding is cleaned weekly, this helps to reduce the risk of oil, dirt build up and bacteria coming into contact with your skin from the dirty bedding – the same can be said for towels. It is recommend that towels are cleaned after every 2-3 uses.

Now you know you’ve got to keep your towels clean to eliminate body acne, try using Vichy Normaderm Purifying Cleansing Gel as a body wash to increase your chances of being acne free on your back/body. The reviews for this product are all 4+ stars out of 5, it really works!

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  1. Thanks for you comment.
    Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. Reversing the damage and signs of scars takes time and work. You should try and incorporate Bio-oil into your daily skincare/grooming routine, make it as important as showering to make sure you get the benefits of the oil everyday. If you keep the area well hydrated with the oil then you should see great improvement within weeks and overtime it should fade into a distant line. Look at it this way, its better than doing nothing at all and the only better alternative would probably be surgery which is going to cost you a bomb!
    p.s – A great way to see the benefits is to take pictures of the scar monthly with the use of the oil, then you will be able to see how far you’ve come.

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