The Benefits of Stripping Off & Sleeping In The Nude

Just under half of us choose to sleep naked but there are major benefits with sleeping in the nude, so make sure you’re not missing out on these great benefits. Plus it may just help you seal the deal with your partner letting you sleep in your birthday suit!

Increased Sleep Quality

Falling asleep requires our core body temperature to fall by around sleeping nakedhalf a degree. Sleeping naked is one of the easiest ways to decrease your body temperature, helping us fall asleep faster. Sleeping naked helps to regulate the bodies core temperature while you sleep, preventing you from waking because you’re too hot – as your brain will often wake you up if your body temperature is too high. Overall, your sleep will be less disturbed and you’ll spend less time counting sheep before you drop off.

Burn More Calories

A study in the U.S journal of Diabetes found that sleeping in your birthday suit leads to increased brown fat cell synthesis. Brown fat cells are cells which burn a high number of calories due to the fact they produce a large amount of heat. Sleeping in the nude leads to increased production of brown fat cells, as you’re body will produce these in order to help regulate body temperature while sleeping.

Lower Blood Pressurelower blood pressure by sleeping naked

Sleeping naked with your other-half has been shown to increase
oxytocin synthesis, a hormone with several health benefits. The skin to skin contact you have with your partner while you sleep leads to the increased synthesis of this hormone. Oxytocin has a protective effect on the heart, lowering blood pressure as well as increasing immunity and reducing anxiety.

Improve Your Love Life 

A survey of 1000 british couples found that sleeping in the nude sleeping naked love life increased their love life.  Over half of the nude couples interviewed were happy in their relationship compared to couples who wear pyjamas which was less than half.

Although sleeping naked has several benefits, it’s worth noting that sleeping in the nude can increase your chances of developing body acne if your sheets aren’t clean. Read our article on it here…

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