Important Items Every Guy Should Own

Every modern gentleman who is worth his salt knows how important it is to his best. If you have a steady income you can often afford the finer things in life. If you’re not, then it’s time for an upgrade. Move on from old, baggy shirts, ratty shorts, mismatched socks, and too-low-rise jeans to say hello to a better-looking, new you.

Think of buying premium good as an investment into your image but also for your professionalism at work. Before you start to panic about having to fork out a small fortune for every future purchase you make, don’t worry, we’re only talking about basic style items.

It’s also a great idea to build up your items slowly; based on your lifestyle and what you need. You’ll be more comfortable picking out stylish clothes, accessories, and even furniture that work for you.

With that said, here are the most basic and important items that every guy should own:

1. Suits

It’s nice to have something you can put on for work and something for a formal occasion, and you can never go wrong with a suit.

If you have to go off the rack, go for the ones with good-quality fabric because they won’t wear out as fast and you will look more put together either at work or whenever you use it.

It is best to go for bespoke or custom-tailored fitting suits that are made just for you. If it’s your first suit, play safe, and go for navy or dark grey because they can be used for any occasion. A good custom suit should have an impeccable fit, functional sleeve buttons, and should reflect your personal taste and style.

2. Quality Dress Shoes

While suits can be worn for multiple occasions, it should always be paired with appropriate footwear: dress shoes.

Any self-respecting gentlemen who frequently wears a suit should have at least a pair of both brown and black dress shoes. This is not to say you can never wear sneakers or other types of footwear; just make sure that you have quality shoes that can match any outfit in your wardrobe.

3. Sleek Wallet

Giant wallets should be a thing of the past, especially among men since the invention of sleek wallets. If you haven’t caught up to the trend yet, get rid of that bulging leather wallet you have in your back pocket, and get yourself a thinner version of it, like ones made of carbon fiber, which is a lightweight yet durable material.

Your posture will thank you, and you are more likely to find stuff in your wallet now that you don’t shove every receipt and gift card in there.

4. Messenger Bags

In line with wallets, guys should have a trusty messenger bag that’s both functional and good to look at.

Sure, there are so many bags out there that come from big name brands, but nothing quite brings out the dapper in you when you use the leather variety. The best part about having leather bags is that they go with any outfit and can last you a long time with proper care and maintenance.

5. Cologne

Ever heard of the term signature scent? It’s a thing, and you should have yours too. Investing in good-quality cologne will have people associate you with a certain scent, and if you’re in the business of meeting a lot of people, this can be used to your advantage.

The ladies also love a man who wears a good cologne and smells great!

6. Decent Watch

You may have a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet to tell time, but nothing beats the timelessness of a watch. It’s an accessory, a small touch that can alter the overall effect of your wardrobe.

If you don’t have one yet, go for investment pieces or trusted name brands because you know they stand the test of time and they look good with suits or any appropriate outfit.

7. Grooming Kit

A gentleman should know how to groom himself, so that is why owning a grooming kit is handy. It is an essential tool that should include a shaving kit, a sturdy comb, nail clippers, tweezers, small scissors, a nail file, and more.

A bonus would be to own a Dopp kit that you carry around with you anywhere or when you travel.


Looking good and being well-dressed are not exclusively for women. If you want to attract more success in your life, you need to supplement hard work with dressing for success and looking the part. When shopping for these important items, remember that things don’t have to be expensive if you have a budget.

Do you have important items you want to share that wasn’t mentioned in the list? List them on the comments section below.