5 Ways To Transform Your Shed Into The Ultimate At-Home Bar

We all love going to the pub, but with modern life full to the brim with responsibilities and commitments, we don’t always get the time to venture down to our local for a pint or two.

So, why not take the time this summer to give your old garden shed that well-needed dust-off and transform it into your very own at-home bar?

Sound complicated? We’ve rounded up five simple ways to show you how to take your shed from storage depot to boozy bar. Read on to find out more.

5 Ways To Create Your Own Bar At Home

1. Add classic furniture

It’s common for bars to boast quality leather-topped barstools, as well as tables and chairs, sticking with the quintessentially British pub style that’s been around for centuries. Depending on the size of your shed, you might want to incorporate both options, however prioritising quality over quantity is necessary. Spending a little more on an infinitely stylish piece will keep your bar looking inviting and sleek year on year. Take a look at these chesterfield sofas from Timeless Chesterfields, which will look the part in your bar thanks to their premium materials and handmade quality.

For barstools, make sure they’re sturdy and have a firm grip on whatever flooring you choose for your shed. If your floor is particularly delicate, try adding some of these Wilko felt furniture pads to help keep it in good condition.

Round off the typical look with a wooden bar top to perch at, or some tables to gather round with your drinks. Either way, make sure they’re comprised of a hardwearing wood, like oak, to prevent any damage or staining when you and your mates have had one too many watching the World Cup!

2. Get Appropriate Glassware

Make sure you kit out your bar with more than one type of glass — I’m sure your partner won’t want to be drinking her wine out of one of your pint glasses! For your bar, be sure to invest in a variety of glassware, including pint and half-pints, assorted wine glasses, cocktail or martini glasses, highball and lowball tumblers and shot glasses. Even if it means just picking up a small quantity of each initially — or pinching them from the kitchen — you’ll be well-equipped from the get-go!

And best of all, quality glassware doesn’t have to break the bank. Get as imaginative as you want with your glass, whether you want it plain and simple or quirky and fun, like these Crofton Cocktail Recipe glasses from Aldi, there’s something on the market to suit every unique at-home bar.

3. Light It Up

With warmer weather and lighter nights already here, it’d be foolish not to make the most of your homemade bar. Whether you’re hosting a garden gathering into the small hours, or you’re popping down for a quick night-cap, be sure to add some atmospheric lighting.

String lighting is convenient for a conversion space, as it doesn’t require any wiring, just an extension cable if a socket isn’t within reach. You can also make use of artificial tea-lights to add the flickering ambience commonly found in pubs and bars, as well as adding some battery-powered LED wall lights, like these ones from Philips, to help you strike the right balance between light and dark.

4. Build Up Your Drinks Collection

The most important and vital aspect of your at-home bar is the drink! To accompany your wide range of glasses, be sure you have a big enough selection of alcohol to suit all tastes. A choice of beer or lager is a given, but a variety of wines, spirits and liqueurs, as well as soft drinks to mix with, are vital to complete any bar stock.

Beer taps will give your bar a real authentic feel but can be tricky to install. If this is a must-have for you, follow Hunker’s guide to installing a beer tap to make sure your pints are on top form every time.

5. Deck It Out With Accessories

Give your bar the final touches: add things like a TV, dart-board, and a snack cupboard to give the shed some extra purpose and even more reason for visitors. To chill your drinks to perfection, add a small fridge with an integrated freezer so you can make ice. These Fridgemaster ones from AO will give you the freedom to crack open a cold one at any time.

Bar accessories, like cocktail stirrers, straws, napkins, coasters and fruit slices, will make your bar feel like the real deal and have you prepared for any hosting occasion.

You might even want to install a coffee machine to add an extra edge to your bar and cater for those sunny summer days where you just want to sit outside with a fresh brew — just don’t forget to provide milk and sugar as well.

Investing in a quality speaker that can hum in the background while you socialise will add atmosphere, so get sorting a killer playlist for everyone to enjoy — we recommend a bit of cheesy 70’s!

Whether it’s your own man cave to wind-down in, or a social hub spot to host in, make sure you cover all the bases to making a perfect at-home bar. Kit it out with the basics and then add more personalised details, to take it from just a bar, to the bar.

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