Best Body Shavers & Groomers For A Smoother Look

If you want to remove excessive body hair, make sure you find the suitable equipment. Besides obtaining a clean cut, you should also worry about protecting the health of the skin. Using a razor or a beard trimmer to shave your back may not be a great idea, for instance. Not only it irritates the skin, but you may also experience ingrown hairs.

Read some additional information about the most suitable tools you can use for every part of the body. Improve your man-grooming strategy by searching for the best body shavers. In what follows, we will provide you with a list of shavers and manscaping tools that will help getting a fresh and clean look. An entire range of products has been produced to fulfil men’s needs. Therefore, if men want to trim, thin or completely remove the hair on their back, legs, sensitive areas and chest, they have plenty of devices to choose from.

The Best Body Shavers & Groomers For 2018

1. Braun Cruzer 5 Body Shaver

This device combines the accuracy of Gillette’s blades with its body grooming qualities. This unit provides some trimming and shaving tools. However, it also has a unique concept, namely the fact that it is a third mode. Hence, with just one stroke, you can both trim and shave. The razor features 5 blades that use the wet shave Fusion system of Gillette. It is able of providing a clean shave while also preventing skin irritation. If using it in sensitive areas, you will see that the trimmer will offer optimal results. It has smaller teeth than most competitive groomers. Hence, this design will assure you to prevent irritation.


2. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

This body trimmer has an incredible design that won’t disappoint you. It features a shaving head on one end and a trimmer on the other. The device has received a lot of positive reviews from consumers. The groomer will protect your skin from cuts and nicks. Its fine foil is able to catch hairs without damaging the skin. The pearl-tipped trimmer features five distinct hair length settings. Hence, you can select how long you want your hairs to be. The combs and blades on the trimmer are rounded. This way, it will prevent leaving nicks or scratches.

3. Remington PG525 Lithium Body Groomer

This is a compact unit and a quality groomer. It is not a combination of trimmer and razor. The greatest advantage when using this device is that you will be offered a lot of options for the results you want to obtain. The device features self-sharpening blades which are made of surgical steel. When you want to clean up sensitive or small areas, these blades will work wonders. However, it is not advisable to use this to replace your razor in case you want to obtain clean shaving. To capture more hair, you will need to use a few strokes for the foil shaver to capture more hairs. The adjustable comb allows to choose how long you want your hair to be in the trimming zone.


4. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

We all know how hard it can be for a man to shave his back by himself. In order to prevent this from transforming into an ordeal, choose for a back shaver that offers you the best results. Furthermore, efficiently use it to trim hair on other parts on your body. This shaving device features two attachable shaving heads with stainless steel, flex necks and hypoallergenic blades. One of the necks has a wide back trimmer that will help you remove longer hair on larger areas. The other head is a bi-directional groomer head which will help you remove shorter hair. To reach all the areas on your back, try use the hinged, patented handle that has a rubber grip. You will no longer have to worry about doing this by yourself.

Before purchasing a body shaver, think about the areas you will want to shave to know what properties it should have. Make sure you find a body shaver with a few combs with different dimensions to choose the length of the hair. Furthermore, do not forget to take a look at the blades and verify whether they are top quality. Depending on the cut that the blades perform, you will prevent skin irritation. Try to find a quality product.