How To Nail The Sophisticated, Dapper Gentleman Style

If you ask us, the gentleman’s style of the early 20th century has yet to be beaten. The roaring ‘20s saw guys take their appearance very seriously. Think The Great Gatsby, and you’re halfway there. We’re talking about sharp suits, slicked-back hair, and impeccable style. On the right occasions, this look is still a killer today. Especially for special events and balls. But, how do you get it just right? We’re taking a step back in time, and finding out how to nail this dapper, sophisticated look.

Buy a suit

Step one, buy a suit. And we don’t mean an off-the-rack suit from TopMan. It’s time to splash out on a tailored suit, with sophisticated material and finishing. If you’re going for the all-out 1920’s look, a little tweed or light checked pattern will look fantastic. The important thing is to get the tailoring just right. Men took pride in their suits back in the day. Tailors would craft the perfect suit to an inch-perfect measurement. You could even top it all off with a bow tie.

Get a good pair of shoes

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. We happen to agree whole-heartedly. Unfortunately, it’s still one aspect that lets down men’s style time-and-time again. There’s a simple formula when it comes to shoes: stick to the classics. You can’t go wrong with a classic black Oxford, and brown brogues. If you’re going for the gentleman look, these two are your only options. (Just make sure you match your shoe to your belt, fellas).


A true gentleman would never be seen without a gold watch. It’s the classic and timeless accessory, and it’s time to get your hands on one. You could go all-out, and invest in a pocket watch to hang from your lapel. Or, a simple gold watch will suffice. So, throw away your digital Casio, and don’t go near the Apple Watch. Let’s strap on something a little more sophisticated.

Slick back your hair

The gentleman’s look is almost complete. However, we’re missing one important ingredient: brylcreem! The smart, slick look is achieved by combing brylcreem (or a similar product) through your hair. Opt for the classic side parting, and spray it to keep everything in place. Of course, you can also complete the look with a bowler hat, but that’s up to you!

Smoke a pipe

There’s only one thing missing: the pipe. A real gentleman would always carry a pipe with him, and smoke it at the opportune moment. At the end of the evening, with a fine scotch, ideally. Get your hands on some pipe tobacco, and a traditional pipe for full effect.

Go vintage

Overall, you’re looking to perfect the stylish, vintage look. There are now more thrift shops and vintage stores than ever. Always take a passing look inside, and you’re bound to find a bargain now and then.

Follow this advice, and you’ll nail the sophisticated, dapper gentleman style. Good luck, guys!


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