Which Face Shapes Are The Most Attractive To The Opposite Sex?

It’s often difficult to pinpoint what it is that attracts us to someone. It could be charisma, their sense of dress, confidence, or just a general overall feeling that makes us feel drawn to them. Despite the fact we like to think of ourselves as advanced, complex creatures, we still remain very simple when it comes to our own nature, and attraction is evidence of this!

But what exactly is it about a person’s face which we find attractive?

According to research, it can be as simple as a person’s face shape. There is actually a lot of information in a face shape which we read instinctively, and there are specific aspects which we tend to like more than others.

For women, research suggests that they like a strong jawline and a symmetrical face, because this suggests strength, dominance, and good genes for reproduction. Who said romance was dead?

Facing Up To Basic Science

For men, research suggests their preferences are a little more varied depending on their own personalities. Some men seek out strong women with strong features, high cheekbones and striking eyes. Others prefer a softer, round face suggesting delicacy and youth. One overall finding which is not very surprising, is that they tend to like a symmetrical face. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing in general, it suggests good genes.

Face Shape Matter More Than We Think

It’s even been said that a person’s face shape is crucial to how attractive they are to the opposite sex. Britain’s National History Museum even launched a face tool where a man can calculate his sex appeal based on the shape of his mush. The simplicity of women liking masculine faces and men like feminine faces is obvious, though there are also personal preferences thrown into the mix which contribute to our very own, personal calculation on what’s hot and what’s not. Good job we don’t all have exactly the same taste, then.

What Type Of Face Have You Got?

A lot of people have no clue what sort of face mother nature has given them. There are of course a collection of categorical face shapes which you can match to. The main ones are:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Oval

The most common face shape is an oval shape, though it’s quite common for some people to be a cross between two shapes. Significant weight gain or weight loss can also make a difference, and people carrying more weight tend to have a rounder shape. For glasses wearers especially, it’s extremely useful to know what face shape category you fit into, as this can help you find the right specs to fit your face.

Arlo Wolf have actually launched a really useful face shapes calculator where you can not only find your shape, but find specs which will suit you the best. For non-glasses wearers, this tool can be used to find out what shape you are – maybe add this info to your online dating profile!

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