Socks: Five Things You’re Forgetting To Do

There is no denying that there are many elements to one’s personal grooming regime. Clothing is, of course, a big part of any person’s daily routine. We usually pay attention to the trousers and tops that we wear. And when we go to work, many of us like to look great in a sharp suit.

While we also pay attention to our footwear, there’s one thing we sometimes forget. Socks are an item of clothing that most of us don’t think much about. After all, people won’t really see them when we’ve got some shoes on! But, more thought and attention should get paid to the socks that we wear. Here are five things you might be forgetting to do:


  1. Wear matching socks

I know that some of you guys like to feel more creative by wearing odd socks. Others are probably just lazy and half-asleep in the morning when they get dressed! But, you should always make sure that your socks match!

Do you have a hard time finding a matching pair of socks in your sock drawer? Here’s a brilliant tip: bundle them together after you’ve washed and dried them!

  1. Avoid wearing only plain black socks for work

If you work in an office, it’s likely you’ll have to wear a suit each day. Some places might advocate a less formal approach to work attire. Still, regardless of the dress code, you may feel compelled to wear black socks each day.

There are plenty of cool socks for men that you can buy. My personal preference is for patterned ones or stripes!

  1. Throw away any socks that have holes in them

Let’s face it. We’ve all worn socks that have got holes in them. Sometimes the holes appear after we’ve worn them. In those cases, you can’t do much about the problem until you get home. But, you shouldn’t knowingly wear socks with holes in them.


First of all, you’d feel embarrassed if you went to someone’s home and had to take your shoes off! And, second, both your shoes and your feet will become more smelly!

  1. Wear the right length socks for your outfit

When you wear a suit for work, you should wear socks that are a standard ankle-dress size. Sitting down usually means your trouser legs will ride up. Not everyone wants to see your hairy legs! Plus, it’s not that great when you’re sitting in a cold office in the middle of winter.

If you’re wearing casual summer clothing, you might want to wear short ankle-length socks. Especially if you’re wearing shorts.

  1. Buy only the best quality socks you can afford

Socks aren’t an item of clothing that will costs you hundreds per pair! Still, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to buy bargain-basement socks. Why? The answer is simple: durability.

In general, premium socks cost more, but they outlast the cheapest ones you can buy. They will also feel more comfortable to wear and won’t shrink in the dryer!

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