How To Sharpen Up ‘Smart-Casual’ Office Wear With Mo:vel Shoes

It’s pretty standard for most companies to adopt a ‘smart-casual’ work uniform policy. Gone are the days of a sharp suit, crisp shirt and tie with polished black shoes. Some people welcome smart-casual office wear with open arms while others find it boring or a pain because we go through our ‘normal’ clothes quickly!

We also tend to find that women take advantage of the relaxed uniform policy better than us guys as we tend to stick to a shirt and trousers combination, which can get boring very quickly.

Mov:el Shoes

One way to sharpen up you’re workwear attire is by upping your footwear and ditching the boring, black shoes. Mov:el’ jogger shoes are perfect for this.

Mov:el’s Jogger range come in a wide range of styles and colours from discreet plain black to some out there printed designs.


Mov:el shoes are a new footwear brand that enable you to move well; based on the spirit of Ginga, a concept/feeling of fluidity of movement that permeates the Brazilian way of life and beat of Brazilian music.

Outfit Inspiration

Below is some inspiration for a smart-casual workwear outfit incorporating Mov:el shoes.


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