4 Fashionable Male Celebrity & Their Watch Partnerships

Being a celebrity usually means you’re incredibly good at something, whether it be sports, acting, or even modelling.

It also means that brands will flock to you for the chance to create a partnership. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the luxury watch industry, as players in this hugely competitive field must find any way they can to outmanoeuvre each other.

Across the world, there are many stylish celebrity men who have agreed to endorse a particular watch brand, and who could blame them? Getting a free luxury watch for minimal work doesn’t sound like the worse thing in the world.

Lewis Hamilton – IWC

The four-time Formula One champion is well-known for his colourful and oft-wacky fashion choices, but somehow, he always manages to pull it off.

Hamilton is one cool customer, particularly with the younger crowd, and has been a big part of IWC advertising for many years. Favouring the ‘Ingenieur’ model, Hamilton was recently featured in a video advert that shows his ability to stop time (not in real life, unfortunately).

George Clooney – Omega

Handsome, a talented actor, a skilled director, always impeccably dressed, and an ambassador for Omega? Some guys really do have it all. Clooney usually wears the ‘Speedmaster’ model, which was actually the first watch to ever be on the Moon, when it was worn by Buzz Aldrin as he walked on the surface with Neil Armstrong back in 1969.

To commemorate the event, Clooney and Aldrin chatted about their experiences, one on the Moon and one watching it on TV.

Dwyane Wade – Hublot

Dwyane Wade is one of the most successful NBA players of all time, but more than that, he’s also a hugely respected gentleman in the fashion scene.

Wade always looks dapper, regardless of whether it’s formal or casual, and even his own collection with clothing brand Dsquared2. The three-time champion and 12-time All-Star’s signature watch is called the ‘Dwyane Wade King Power,’ and when paired with his more traditional fashion sense, you can see here that a classy brand like Hublot is a great fit for the basketball star.

David Beckham – Tudor

There aren’t many people in the world who haven’t heard of David Beckham. With cool tattoos and great hair, the ex-soccer player was internationally-famous in his prime, but after his marriage with Posh Spice and his subsequent modelling career, the only way was up for Beckham. Tudor must have outbid every other watch company out there to get Becks, but with the ‘Black Bay Chrono’ model on his wrist, we have to say that the pairing works wonders.

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