Top Benefits Of Switching To Vaping

Vaping is definitely a booming market. As more and more smokers try to quit smoking due to several reasons – including the health-conscious society we live in now – vaping has become increasingly popular as a successful method to slowly stop smoking, or even just as a practical and affordable alternative to cigarettes.

In 2017, the UK had around 2.9 million vapers – a number that has certainly increased by now. Plus, according to a study made at the time, 1.5 million vapers were ex-smokers, which concluded that more than half of e-cigarette users had given up smoking tobacco. Statistics like these are considered ‘good news’ if you think about the benefits of vaping over smoking.

Less Prejudicial To Health

We already know smoking affects health – there are over 5,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, and at least 70 of those may cause cancer. Therefore, the healthiest decision will always be to quit smoking altogether, but as with any addiction, giving up smoking can be a long process, and this is where vaping can come in to help. E-cigarettes are a smoke-free source of nicotine, and while nicotine is addictive, it doesn’t cause cancer. Plus, e-cigarettes are unlikely to harm the health of those around you, if they passively inhale the vapour. According to a report commissioned by Public Health England, e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking. As they don’t produce tobacco smoke, if the e-cigarette user completely stops smoking and only vapes, they won’t be exposed to the toxic chemicals that are prejudicial to health.

Lighter On The Cost

Smoking is an expensive addiction – the average smoker in the UK spends approximately £2,900 in cigarettes per year, and this cost is expected to increase as tobacco laws and regulations change. Vaping, on the other hand, requires an upfront investment in a starter kit, but afterwards the ongoing costs should mainly be e-liquid, coils, and replacement carts or tanks. A 10ml e-liquid is equivalent to around 140 cigarettes, so if we consider the average price of a bottle to be roughly £5, it already represents a significant saving.

More To Choose From

Vaping can easily go from an alternative to smoking to a customisable experience. With e-liquids, you’re not limited to that same old tobacco flavour (and smell) every time you vape, as you can choose from a wide range of e-liquid flavours available to suit different tastes. And you can also customise the way you vape them, by choosing the vaporiser model you want to use, the battery size, etc.


Vaping is more practical and convenient than smoking for various reasons. For one, the tobacco smoke can linger in clothes and rooms for a long time, while vapour disappears quickly and any odour will take only seconds to dissipate; plus if you have the habit of smoking indoors, vapour won’t stain walls or ceilings.

Since the smoking ban in the UK in 2007, smokers were prohibited from smoking inside pubs, restaurants, and other public places. This ban had an obvious impact in the social life of smokers, as interactions had to often be put on hold for every cigarette break outdoors; but vapers have the convenience of using e-cigarettes indoors where allowed.

Switching from smoking to vaping also improves senses, as taste and smell are rediscovered shortly after the switch. Taste sensitivity is considerably lower in smokers than non-smokers, so food will definitely taste better once you switch to e-cigarettes exclusively.

If you’re a smoker, switching to vaping can be beneficial, and help you quit smoking altogether. But, bear in mind that, if you’re a non-smoker, we’re not advising you to start vaping.

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