A Look Back At David Beckham’s Hairstyles Over The Years

Based on the popularity of our David Beckham Hairstyling guide, we thought we would do a bit of a look back at all the hairstyles David has support over the years. From the days where was rocking long, golden locks to a short buzz cut, you can see them all in one place and make a call about which hairstyles were hot and which should be forgotten. You never know, all this David Beckham hair inspiration under one roof may start a trend of blonde corn-rows again…. who knows?

David Beckham Hair

There is no denying that David Beckham is a massive trend setter when it comes to male hairstyle inspiration and trends and no-one has taken the hair crown away from him, neither can we see this happening in the near future.

David’s rocked every hairstyle imaginable over the years and even the below pictures of David supporting his many hairstyles, they probably don’t even come close to how many hairstyles he’s supported over the years.

David Beckham Long to Medium Hairstyles

Long hair in men is constantly coming and going in men’s fashion, we remember all too well in 2010 when it was popular for guys to support a longer hairstyle, just like the several hairstyles David is supporting below:

David Beckham supporting a hair band with long hair is one of our preferred looks when it comes to longer hair.

We’re not sure that a middle parting will make a come back anytime soon.

We decided to include David’s cornrow hairstyle is the mid to long hairstyle section as fundamentally he would of had to grow his hair out to support this hair style.

When you compare David’s hair colour here, compared to the blonde middle parting above then we have to admit that this is actually a hairstyle that suited David well.

How could we not include David’s iconic ponytail hair style in our David Beckham hairstyle article – he was rocking this look before all the hipsters were.

Beckham’s Shorter Hair

Arguable our most preferred ‘category’ when it comes to David’s Hairstyles over time.

Have your seen our guide on how to style your hair like David’s in his iconic H&M campaign, what cut to ask for and what the best products to use are?  For anyone not aware of what hairstyle we’re talking about, then it’s the first image below.

Taken from the H&M campaign itself, you can see why David’s hairstyle was so iconic in this advert.

How to style your hair like David Beckham

Here it is again, the volume in the fringe makes this such an iconic men’s hairstyle.

One of Beckham’s more current hairstyles, here you can see him supporting a fringe swept back compared to the above images where the fringe is more to the side – bang on trend with this look.

This ones a bit of an old hairstyle for David as it features an under-cut style combined with a spiky texture on time, but nether the less it’s still a great look that really suited him.

Time to go for a more formal hairstyle? Then look to the side sweep and parting that David is supporting here.

Short David Beckham Hair

For a man that his famously known for his hairstyles, it’s a surprise that David has taken risks in the past and chosen to shave off his hair – the gamble definitely paid off for his though.

Short, or buzz cuts, are what they are and there is very little in the way of styling that you can do with a short hairstyle, so we’ll let the images speak for themselves.


As you can see from all the images of David above, he’s rocked pretty much every hairstyle known to man and he totally gets away with every. single. one. of them.

We’d love to get a look into his bathroom cabinet and look at all the hairstyle products that he uses on a day to day basis. In fact, we wonder how much time he spends doing his hair in the morning? As we refuse to believe that anyone rolls out of bed looking that good and as a result leading the male grooming market.

Hopefully, at least one images of David’s many hairstyles gives you some inspiration, if not, then we apologies for the David overload, if that’s even possible?!

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