Upgrade Your Grooming Routine With Mankind

With new male grooming and lifestyle brands popping up regularly, it’s important to constantly get out of your comfort zone and try new products. It’s quite daunting to put down your favourite products which you have come to know and love over the years and try something new. But, often when you take the plunge into the unknown, you discover a great product or brand which will enhance your grooming routine.

We’re dedicating 2017 to broadening our horizons and trying new brands, products and male grooming formats. Thanks to our new philosophy, we’re discovered new brands such as Bean Body, Avojo and American Crew and we’re really impressed. Heres why:

Exploring The Unknown

When scoping out new male grooming products to try, we decided that it was important to trial a wide range of brands and not just more of the same.

We went for a body-based grooming product with Bean Body, a facial skincare product different to your standard face washes and moisturisers like Avojo and a well regarded men’s hairstyling brand like American Crew.

Bean Body Scrubs

We were really eager to try the Bean Body scrubs as the products are completely different to what we’ve tried before and we guess you could say they are semi-exciting.

There was a massive hype last year for ingredient based body scrubs, they were featured all over social media. At the time, we didn’t act upon at the hype, so as part of our trying something new resolution we jumped at the chance to try a body scrub.

What’s better is that the products are on a 3f2 at Mandkind at the moment too; so we got to try the vanilla, coconut and core scrub for the price of 2.

Out of all 3 body scrubs, the Coconut flavour was our favourite and here’s why:

Bean Body Coffee Bean Coconut Scrub 220g

Coconut is a natural, skin-boosting superfood which boosts the skin’s natural growth/production process, has skin smoothing properties and helps prevent skin cracking/ wear and tear.

The skin smoothing properties of the coconut really come through when using the body scrub. The coffee is great for exfoliating the skin; removing dead and excess skin, leaving fresh, smooth skin behind.

Bean Body’s range of scrubs are great for keeping the skin on your body fresh and smooth, you should definitely look to include one of the scrubs as part of your grooming routine, just like we are.

The coffee based grooming product is a great way to wake up in the morning, but just as effective as your morning cup of coffee.

Avojo Black Peel Off Mask Sachets (4x 10ml)

When selecting a new skincare product to try, a peel off face mask was our go to product. We were eager not to try another face wash or moisturiser as we use these products everyday (as you should), we wanted to try a completely new skincare format.

Face masks are typically associated with women but thankfully they are on the rise with men, this is a grooming trend which we hope continues. Unfortunately for us men, we tend to suffer from oily skin which results in blackheads and acne. It’s important for men to be using appropriate skincare products, masks included. A peel off mask like Avojo’s is great for men; you can pull the black heads out of the pores when the mask is dry, improving the condition and hygiene of your skin.

Put off using face masks in the past because you’re worried that they may take away from your masculinity? Then you don’t have to worry anymore. As the mask is black, the Avojo mask is one of the more masculine face masks on the market.

It’s a great first-time face mask for men or a great addition to anyone who is familiar with using face masks.

American Crew Defining Paste (85g)

American Crew is a popular men’s hairstyling brand on the male grooming scene, having been popular for a while, but a brand that we hadn’t got round to trying previously.

As part of our something new initiative, we jumped straight at the chance to trial a product from their range.

We went for the defining paste as we favour a more natural finish when it comes to hair styling products. This product is ideal for styling a natural looking pompadour hair style, like David Beckham’s.

The sleek black tub and masculine fragrance is reminiscent of traditional American barber shops, and using the products leaves you with a feeling that you’re treating your follicles to something a cut above  other mass market gels, waxes and putties.

This product is perfect for those of us who’s hair doesn’t require the rigid structure of a gel or heavy wax, but could benefit from some enhancing texture, feel and a touch of shine.

Overall, we were really impressed with the products that we tried just by stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something new – the Bean Body Scrubs were definitely our favourite out of them all.

If there are any grooming products that you’ve tried recently and recommend, leave a comment below so we can check them out too!