Scalp Micropigmentation Explained – Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Scalp micro pigmentation before and after pictures

Based on how popular our hair loss and hairstyling articles are, it’s all too clear that us men pride ourselves on our hair and fully reap the benefits of the confidence it gives us.

When it comes to the first signs of hair loss, us men do our research to see how we can reverse hair loss through our lifestyle and diet. Unfortunately for some, these lifestyle factors aren’t enough to save our hairline and treatments are the next step for a full head of hair.

We all take our hair for granted, abusing it with heaps of hair gel, sprays and other products to help us be the best looking guy in the club. We never for one second believe that the idea of loosing our hair will soon be a reality for some men in the very near future.

Hope comes in the form of hair-loss tables and products; products that help boost the bodies natural hair producing process and stimulate the hair follicles to once again start growing. However, these products only work for some at the early stage of hair loss and leave some men out of pocket and disappointed with the lack of results.

When hair loss tablets don’t work, it’s all too easy to simply give up and embrace having no hair forever. However, giving up with hair loss has been flipped on it’s head thanks to Scalp Micropigmentation (or commonly known as medical hairline tattoos).

Giving up isn’t your only option anymore thanks to modern medicine and what’s better is that the results with Scalp Micropigmentation are instant.

Scalp Micropigmentation Explained

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure with life-changing results for guys who have lost their hair.

The hair loss treatment works by applying natural pigments to your scalp and replicating the appearance of a natural hairline. You could say that this procedure is as modern as male grooming gets!

An instant concern with this procedure could be the thought that the procedure may look 2 dimensional and be pretty obvious as to how you’ve got your hairline back so quickly. However, this needn’t be a worry as the procedure replicates the natural direction your hair grows and uses 3-4 shades of hair pigments to make the finish as realistic as possible – no one would know that this isn’t your real hair.

Is It For Me?

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that can benefit anyone suffering with hair loss; men and women of all ages. The procedure can be used for receding hairlines, people close to complete hair loss and or only showing the first signs of hair loss.

As the procedure uses natural pigments, the shades of the pigment are selected based on your skin type, meaning the procedure of scalp pigmentation is suitable for all skin types and colours and completely personalised to you.

Scalp micropigmentation can also be a great and effective way of covering any birthmarks, burns or scars on the scalp.

What’s The Process?

If you were to go with a qualified clinic (always recommended) like Skalp then the process to a restored hairline takes just 3 sessions and looks like the below:

  1. Virtual hairline mock-up free of charge
  2. Consultation with a qualified (permanent cosmetics and micro pigmentation) for free
  3. 1st session where the new hairline is created to your personal preference then filled, normally takes 3-4 hours
  4. A 2nd session with a further 2-3 hours of filling
  5. 3rd session typically lasts 1-4 hours and after this session your new hairline is complete.
  6. Follow up with some aftercare

Fortunately, the process is gradual, which is great for those who are trying to keep the procedure under the radar. The changes between the 3 sessions are subtle and not easily identifiable to family and friends. Ideal for those who want to keep their new youthful hairline a natural occurrence to the people around them.

Does It Last?

Although Scalp Micropigmentation is commonly known as hairline tattoos, the procedure does vary from traditional tattoos elsewhere on the body. Scalp micropigmentation doesn’t penetrate the skin as deep as traditional tattooing and normal tattoos are known to fade over time with some colour changes, however, scalp micropigmentation holds it’s colour over the years.

Another perk of the procedure is that you can adjust your new hairline over time, so as your natural hair starts to grey, you can ‘update’ your hairline to match.

See The Results

Below are some before and after images taken from Skalp’s website, where you can clearly see the impact that the procedure has had on all their clients.

As you can see the hairline looks completely natural and is suitable for anyone suffering with hair loss.

As you can see from the before and after scalp micropigmenation pictures above, the team at Skalp deliver great results and we recommend giving them a call to discuss the procedure if interested in scalp micropigmentation – their consultations are completely free and with no obligation. You’re not out of pocket if you think it’s not for you.