The Modern Man’s Guide To Manscaping

The phrase “manscaping” is most often associated with shaving below the belt. While shaving the nether region is certainly part of the overall practice of manscaping it’s far from the only component.

The modern man’s approach to hygiene has changed more in the last 10-15 years than in the previous 100 years combined. Manscaping is the modern man’s hygiene and it’s about much more than simply shaving parts your body.

Not All About The Balls

The modern manscaper takes pride and time with his appearance, ensuring he is always looking, smelling, and feeling his best. Trimming, sculpting, and maintaining body hair is an important part of the practice although not all of it happens below the belt

Modern Man’s Hygiene

It’s not all about hair maintenance. At its core, modern manscaping is about putting your best foot forward and presenting the best “you” to the world. It’s about taking charge of your health, hygiene, and even your life.

Confidence For Life & Love

The modern manscaper knows that taking the time and care to prepare themselves for their love and their life helps to build confidence, promote success, and puts themselves in the best position possible whatever their goal is.

Yes, The Women Love It

While the modern manscaper does it for his own benefit, it doesn’t hurt that woman all over the world are getting onboard with the manscaping movement and the results are in: they love a scrubbed, clipped, clean, well-maintained man. Who knew?

Nailed It

Finally addressing a common complaint of women and an often neglected part of male grooming, manscapers also take great care of their toe and fingernails, making sure they are well maintained and clean.

You Shave Where?

Manscaping does entail shaving or trimming body and facial hair although there is no set rule on to what extent it must go. In the end, manscaping is about being hygienic and taking pride in your appearance and that comes in many forms.

Thread Aware

Modern manscaping also encompasses personal appearance beyond just what can be done to the body. Manscapers are also snappy dressers. Knowing that “clothes make the man,” manscapers rise to the challenge and dress for success.

Okay, sometimes it’s about shaving the balls

Part of the modern man’s version of hygiene is manscaping the family jewels. Below (and above!) the belt hair care and maintenance is just part of the process in achieving the overall goal of personal hygiene and well-being that is at the core of manscaping philosophy.

In the past, men were often thought of as oafish, smelly creatures who would just as soon do anything rather than take care of themselves. Modern manscaping bucks that trend and takes pride in setting a new standard of male hygiene.

By combining body and hair maintenance with a meticulous dedication to personal appearance as well as hygiene, today’s manscapers set the standard for how the modern man presents a cleaner, more confident version of man to the outside world.