Does Size Matter? A User’s Guide To Penises

50% of the population has a penis. It’s essential for procreation and fairly handy if you want to have fun with yourself or a partner.

Unfortunately, when it comes to penis size, there is no one-size-fits-all. Some penises are small, some have an average penis, and some are super-sized. Naturally, most men would prefer to have one on erring on the larger size, but nature doesn’t work that way. So, what is an average penis size and does size really matter?

When it comes to penis size, most men underestimate their vital statistics. They think their member is smaller than average. In truth, it probably isn’t, but men tend to be fixated by such issues.

Mr Average

Various studies have been done to try and ascertain the size of an average penis. Researchers from the British Journal of Urology discovered that an average flaccid penis was 3.61 inches and an erect penis 5.16 in length. Since length isn’t the whole story, they also measured girth. The average girth was 3.66 inches for a flaccid penis and 4.59 inches when erect. In an article by LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, it’s reported that as many as 45% of men believe they have a small penis.

The problem is that observing your penis from above makes it look smaller. The best way to check your size is to look in a mirror, preferably in a warm room (penises don’t like cold weather). If you want to measure your penis, use a tape and measure from the base to the tip (when erect).

Size & Age

A boy doesn’t fully mature until he is around 21 years of age. Until then, he is continually growing, albeit not necessarily in a noticeable way. This growth pattern includes the penis. A penis doesn’t reach maturity until 21, so it may still be growing at 18 or 20.

What Do Women Think?

Women are far less bothered about penis size than men think. Men assume all women want a super-sized penis any porn star would be proud of, but in actual fact, the opposite is true. A workman is only as good as his skill with the tools he uses, and penises are no different. Well-endowed men are usually aware of the fact they are packing more in the trouser department. Some use this as an excuse to be lazy, in the assumption that a woman doesn’t need anything more than a big penis. Well, this isn’t true.

A large penis can be very uncomfortable for a woman during sexual intercourse. Whilst a vagina is cunningly designed to accommodate large penises and babies, some women have shorter vaginas than others. It is surprisingly painful when a longer than average penis repeatedly rams the cervix during sex. A wide girth can also cause issues and some women find they are more likely to develop a UTI after sex with a well-endowed man.

And Finally…

If you are truly concerned about the size of your penis, make an appointment to see your doctor. He will most probably put your mind at rest.