Becoming Bald: It’s Not The End, Rather A Beginning

You’re stressed. Every time you go to take a shower, you leave strands of hair. Your temples have long receded, and now you can see the front of your scalp thinning too. What’s that? Touching naked skin on the crown too?

Let’s face it: baldness is one of men’s greatest fears. It’s considered a personal apocalypse that’s ready to punch your confidence right in the gut. Companies stand ready to capitalise on your insecurities.

I was 23 when I shaved my head for the first time. It was a painful decision. I hadn’t even seen how my head looked throughout my entire life. I was young.

Would it be that bad? Would people laugh at me? What about dating – was I done for?

I won’t lie to you, the first three weeks were awful. I didn’t like it. My parents and friends were shocked, so I didn’t get the support I needed in this initial transition. I thought a huge part of my life is over.

From the mirror I could see a different man who I’m not sure I liked at all.

And suddenly, one evening things just clicked into place. This was a new me, and it was OK. Life’s like this – the only constant is change.

I hadn’t encountered an end: it was rather a beginning of my new self. For my bald fellows going through the same – here are some tips that helped me adjust to my new looks.

3 Tips To Help You Own Your Baldness:

#1 Learn to Love Your New Self First

As simple as that.

When I asked my friends and family why did they react so harshly, they mentioned something interesting. It wasn’t only the change that shocked them. It was the way I seemed to feel.

‘You just had that droopy look to you, man. Like, you looked absolutely miserable!’ is what one of my buddies told me.

Think about it. Whenever you don’t like yourself, whenever you lack confidence, others will pick up on it. If you feel self-conscious about being bald, people will notice this. Naturally, they’ll react in a worse way than you’d want them to.

If you’re not comfortable with your shaved head, you can’t expect others to sincerely adore that too. Insecurity shows, and as you know it’s the unsexiest thing ever imaginable.

I know, it’s tough: but take your time and look closely at the new You. Learn to love yourself, because there’s no going back anyways. The road’s only AHEAD.

#2 No Excuses: Start Dressing Smart

The easiest way to help out with this transition is to refresh your wardrobe. Yes, some people focus on hitting the fitness, but I think personal presentation (a.k.a. attire) is a more sensible approach.

I’ll be honest: bald people have less leeway to being lousy with their appearance. If it’s about dating, some girls (far from all of them, though!) definitely don’t dig shaved heads.

Others are impartial, while a specific group of women absolutely loves it. I’ve had the latter rub my head in bars.

The harsh truth, however, is that you often have to compensate for those bald looks. And compensation works the best if you dress like a sharp gentleman.

I’m speaking from personal experience, by the way. I’d wear tacky T-shirts before. Once I became bald, I switched to more elegant shirts, got a neat pair of chukka boots, some smart pants…My wardrobe went through a complete transformation I would have never imagined before.

I mention some tips and share advice on Cozystream – the site I run with my significant other. I’m talking about things ranging from personal style recommendations to bald man products that will make it easier to maintain your looks.

And you know, it helped. I felt better (see #1), but people around me also noticed it. Usually a shaved head makes you look a bit older.

But you know what’s associated with looking older?

Yes. Wisdom and authority.

Only 23 years old, when dressed sharply I’d walk in a room and people respected me because of that aura of maturity I had around me. The same applied to my job, by the way. Combined with a well-groomed beard, I wasn’t that fresh graduate. I had the looks and conduct of a confident middle manager.

#3 Stay Positive: Stop Judging People’s Preferences

I’m talking about dating here.

I see a lot of jaded bald men who grow to dislike women, just because they met girls who just didn’t dig shaved heads.

I’ve also seen quite a lot of young bald men who think their dating life is over.

Please, stop that. Different people have different tastes, and that’s completely normal. You yourself probably have a specific type of person you’re more attracted to, right?

If you get turned down by someone – even if they mention you being bald as a reason (which has NEVER happened to me, by the way)…Don’t grow jaded. Don’t judge them, don’t get angry at them.

It is what it is. I dated quite a bit despite being a slick headed young man. And in fact, I’m happily in a long term relationship with my current significant other.

Seriously…if you let the judgement go and focus on interacting with people who you click with, you’d be surprised. Being bald is not that big of an issue as a lot of people make it to be.

In fact, research suggests that surprisingly to you, you might actually have some social advantage!

Just make sure you pass rules #1 and #2 first 😉

This article was produced by Greg at Cozystream – a site full of ideas & tips to help you lead a cozy life.