Top Tips On Looking Sharp With Casual Attires

We often associate dressing sharply with wearing a well-tailored suit and a clean-cut shirt. While this is one way of looking sharp, the look is certainly not suitable for a more casual event or a get-together with friends and colleagues.

You can still look sharp for the more casual occasions with a few simple tweaks and the right fashion pieces.

Don’t worry, we have the best tips and tricks on how you can look sharp with casual attire:

5 Fashion Tips For Rocking A Casual Look:

1. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is always the way to go when you’re trying to look mature and sharp for casual occasions. Forget the overly-flashy T-shirt and shirts with colourful prints as you basically lose that mature look when wearing them.

Instead, you want to stick with simpler branded items like the Off-White hoodie or a clean Saint Laurent T-shirt which stores such as SSENSE stock in a range of different styles. Pair a simple top with a nice pair of jeans or chinos and you are all set.

Another reason why flashy tops are to be avoided is because of how outdated they become, really quickly. Sure, wearing a T-shirt with a catchy slogan is great for the first time. After a while, however, that slogan will make even a relatively new T-shirt look old.

2. Stick With Patterns

It is best to avoid graphic tees altogether for the reasons we discussed previously, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add some flare to your casual look. You can still go with solid colors and simple patterns to give the look a more personal touch.

If you look at a Balenciaga T-shirt in their latest collection, you will notice that many of them are simple tees in interesting colors. You can pick up a nice and sleek shirt from Ssense and have another great fashion piece in your arsenal of casual pieces.

By sticking with simpler patterns and colors, you will also have an easier time creating different looks using the same fashion pieces. Mixing and matching patterned shirts with the right pair of pants and other accessories is as easy as it gets.

3. Mind The Jeans

Jeans work really well for creating casual looks, but that doesn’t mean you can pick up any pair of jeans and be done with it. You still need to pay close attention to the way the pair of jeans shapes your silhouette.

If you still have baggy jeans in your closet, now is the perfect time to throw them away. Baggy jeans, as cool as they may be, make you look shorter than you really are. Trust me, it is not a flattering look, especially when you pair the baggy jeans with oversized tees.

You want a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly. It is okay to have different cuts or to go for a distressed pair, but only when the accents are really subtle. Anything superfluous is also to be avoided, especially when they make no sense such as when the rips are on the wrong places.

4. Pick The Right Shoes

The shoes you wear are just as important as the other fashion pieces you use to create the look. A dirty pair of shoes with signs of excessive wear isn’t how you complete your casual look. In fact, the wrong shoes can ruin what would be a great look.

First of all, make sure the pair of shoes you wear are clean. Next, choose a pair that matches the rest of the outfit. Wearing brown leather shoes is a safe bet, since the color – and the shoes themselves – usually match the rest of the look nicely.

If you want to wear sneakers, read tip number 1 again. Some sneakers are not meant to be worn as part of a classy and sharp look. They can have bright orange accents or strange design lines that will only disrupt your attempt at looking mature.

5. Accessorise

Don’t forget to add a couple of accessories before going out the door with your sleek look. A simple wristwatch is a nice touch you can add to gain that mature aura. Nothing too fancy, of course. The budget-friendly Seiko 5 military watch or a vintage Heuer Carrera will do the job perfectly depending on the rest of your attire.

You are also allowed to wear bracelets or a scarf. Both accessories are great for adding touches of colors and sophistication to the look, especially when worn correctly. A scarf or a nice jacket is also great for adding layers to your outfit, giving you even more options of looks for different occasions.

These are the top 5 tips to keep in mind whenever you want to look sharp and mature while remaining casual and comfortable. Just remember to keep the look simple and to pay attention to the little details when your goal is to look sleek with the right fashion pieces.