Showing Your Loved One That You Care

Finding that special person to share your life with is the most magical feeling in the world. And if you’re lucky enough to have found yours, then you’ll want to display your affection at every opportunity.

Whether it’s a special occasion or a spontaneous gesture, it can feel rather challenging. However, these top suggestions will ensure that your loved one understands exactly how you feel at any time of year.

Say It With Flowers

Contrary to popular male belief, flowers aren’t just for apologising. They are a fantastic way to show your true feelings at all times of year, and are a guaranteed way to put a smile on your face.

If you want to be romantic, then 12 red roses are the perfect solution. In truth, this is an essential item on Valentine’s Day too. However, you can also use various other bouquets to show your love 365 days a year. As well as brightening up her day, they’ll brighten up the home too.

Buy Her A Gift

It sounds a little obvious, but treating your partner to a present will always work a treat. This gift-giving guide from Jo Malone should help you find an ideal solution for the special lady in your life.

Alternatively, you could treat her to the item she’s been thinking about for months. Either way, the gift of giving will put a smile on your face too. Perfect.

Be Romantic & Thrifty

Gifts don’t have to be expensive, though. It’s the thought that counts. One of the best ways to show your emotions is to get creative with romantic craft ideas. If you’re good with words or a paintbrush, you could write a poem or paint a picture too.


Putting your time and love into the job will not go unappreciated. Besides, it’s a unique gift that will stay with your lover forever.

Spend Time Together

The best way to show your love is to spend time together. Whether it’s going for a walk or seeing the latest theatre piece together, this is the perfect way to celebrate your true feelings. Life is all about creating those magical memories with those people you care about most anyway.

There’s no point in making the other gestures if you don’t actively spend time together. Your partner loves you for you. Likewise, you should feel the same about her. Make the most of it.


This isn’t exactly an idea that should be rushed into. However, if you’ve found the person that you want to spend your life with, then you should make it known. Buy the perfect engagement ring, and start thinking about the proposal.

You could do this on a holiday or by revising your first date. Quite frankly, the list of possibilities is endless. Whatever you do, make sure you practice first. This is one of the most memorable occasions in your lives, you don’t want to come away feeling underwhelmed.

In truth, as long as she says, it’ll be the best night of your lives… At least until the wedding.