Common Hair Styling Problems And How To Overcome Them

Men’s hair care can be a minefield of misinformation at times. It’s important to remember that your hair is not like women’s hair, even if you keep it long. For a start, we have different dietary needs, and this has a direct effect on the hair. And most importantly, masculine hormones are completely different to women’s. They affect our hair in completely different ways.

When you’re working up a style, it’s not always easy to get it right. Sometimes the hair falls flat rather than feeling full and shaped. There are several reasons for this. One could be the texture of the hair. Another could be the length of it. And a third could be the product and styling technique you’re using. To recreate the hottest styles, you’re going to need to work at it.


Start with getting the right products and the right equipment. Be sure it’s right for the hair type you have. Thinner (not thinning) hair needs more product to keep it together. And it’s also more prone to damage from heat. Thick hair will naturally stay up and voluminous, so taming it requires a stronger hold from a gel type product. Keeping it longer can also help it come down a little.

Over Styling

Excessive styling will damage your hair. It will break, and the ends will need more regular trimming, shortening your style. Worse still, you may weaken the roots and cause excessive hair loss. Wash your hair gently and towel dry it before applying heat. Heat protection is essential if you’re using straighteners to shape your hair. Eat a good diet to ensure your hair is enriched with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Scalp Problems

Styling is not the cause of scalp problems like psoriasis. Scalp Psoriasis treatment is the only way to get rid of it for good. Leaving it can cause you to itch so much you are literally pulling your hair out. Other scalp problems can also affect the quality of your style. Keep your scalp healthy by using a gentle scalp formula shampoo and rinsing thoroughly. Don’t allow hair product to sit on the skin.

Hair Dryers

Using a hairdryer is a bit of a challenge for some guys. This is because cheap dryers don’t have the attachments shorter cuts need. There are nozzles and volumising diffusers that are essential for men’s hair. A diffuser will prevent excess heat hitting the scalp and will gently lift the hair at the root. A nozzle can direct longer styles into sleeker sections. Straighteners can further the sleek effect, and keep the hair in place better with the aid of a finishing serum and holding spray. They should be used on the coolest setting and not held in place for long.

Men’s hair is naturally healthy looking. To keep it this way, avoid over-styling, and eat well to nourish it. A soft brush helps lift out the loose strands and generates less static than a comb too. Wash out all the product every day with gentle shampoos, and remember to give your hair a styling rest from time to time too. 

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