How To Stay Warm In Winter: Your Wardrobe Essentials

There’s always been something slightly difficult about managing to get through the winter looking good and staying warm at the same time. It’s hard to find the balance between wrapping up like a Michelin man and wondering halfway through the evening if you’ve got hypothermia and this is how you’re going to die. Here are some ideas for the essentials you’ll need to stay both warm and cool this winter.


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Leather Jacket

No matter who you are, a leather jacket will suit you. If your style is more office-oriented then choose a more sleek style – other than that, a battered biker jacket will look good on everyone. Throw it on over a shirt to look great for the pub in the evenings, or look effortlessly smart if you’re going out for lunch with your partner’s parents.


You might think that giving in and wearing gloves isn’t the coolest thing to do, but you know what’s even less cool? Blue fingers and frostbite. When you’ve reached the stage of your touchscreen phone no longer being able to recognise your freezing fingerprint, it’s time to admit defeat and put on some gloves. Get touchscreen ones so you can still use your phone without having to take them off every ten seconds.

Thermal Underwear

Is it sexy? Not particularly. Is it worth it? Absolutely, yes. Jeans are surprisingly not particularly insulated, so even though you probably class them as a winter staple, they don’t do much to keep you warm. A pair of thermal leggings can keep your legs toasty all day. Just maybe don’t wear them if you’ve got a date that evening.



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You lose most of your body heat through your head so it’s essential that you cover it up this winter with a hat. If you don’t usually wear one, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much warmer you are once you finally give up and get one – or ask for one for Christmas, as hats make great stocking fillers. Pick a beanie hat if you’re not used to them – they look good on everyone.


Everyone’s been in the position of waiting for the last bus or train and realising their toes feel as though they’re about to freeze off inside their shoes. Make sure you splash out on new thick warm woollen socks – the ones you got from your mum for Christmas in the second year of uni that are now more hole than sock just aren’t good enough during the winter.



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What’s worse than freezing your pants off in winter? Not all that much, although slipping on snow or ice and falling flat on your back is a strong contender. Sometimes winter just isn’t the time to attempt to look cool. If it snows, dig out those hiking boots if you’ve got a hefty walk ahead of you. If you aren’t into the rugged look, at least get some boots with decent tread on the bottom so you’re less likely to fall over when the road’s slippery. It’s dangerous as well as incredibly embarrassing.

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