Making That All Important First Impression


First impressions matter a great deal. When someone sees you for the first time, they make internal decisions about you based on what you’re wearing and how your hair is styled and how you speak. You need to dress and speak appropriately for the places you’re going, otherwise you risk being judged heavily. Here is a simple guide of how to make a great first impression.

Wear Appropriate, Clean Clothes

The clothes you wear should not only be freshly laundered, but should also be appropriate for where you are going. Are you going to a formal function and need to wear a smart suit? Or are you just going for a trip around town and can wear something a little more comfortable? Wherever it is that you’re going, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion and will impress anyone that you come across. The clothes you wear creates first impressions, so you should always be dressed well in case you meet someone new.


This is a very important part of how people will react to you. You need to ensure that you always maintain high levels of personal hygiene, even if it’s for your own health and peace of mind rather than for anyone else. Always ensure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss away those stray bits of plaque that build up between your teeth. A winning smile is important in any situation, so you really need to stay on top of your oral hygiene. The last thing you want is for someone to judge you for having bad breath.

Speak Appropriately

Are you meeting up with friends or going to a ball? Wherever it is that you’re going, make sure that your voice talks in a way that is appropriate. Don’t use slang words at a formal function, because you will be judged and criticised and possibly not invited back. Talk in a formal manner that matches the way you are dressed. You don’t have to put on an accent that isn’t your own. Talk like you normally would, just keep those slang words at bay and save them for when you’re with your friends!

Don’t Over Do It

Accessories play a huge part in first impressions, with people taking them into account when making their initial assessments of you. You should stick to accessories that are appropriate to where you are. Have you ever received an expensive watch as a present? Save it for those formal functions and make a killer first impression by displaying it on your wrist! Do you have some cheap costume jewellery? Save that for your friends who may appreciate it more than the people present at a formal function.

Follow this advice and I’m sure you’ll soon be making an amazing impression when you meet new people. It doesn’t matter where you are, you will always be meeting new people for the first time – so you should always be prepared and ready to greet them in an appropriate way for the setting.  

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