How Much Power Do You Really Need from Your Car?

When men need a new car, they’ll often find it tempting to go for the most powerful car they can find. And if they can’t afford the most powerful car, then they’ll go for something cheaper which still boasts about power.

But how useful is all of this power, really? And when we hear about powerful features of a car, do we really understand what it means?

Understanding those ‘wheel drive’ numbers

You’ve probably heard about “all-wheel drive” or “four-wheel drive” cars before. But what exactly does that mean? Don’t cars use all of their wheels as a necessity? If one wheel doesn’t work, then the car goes all lopsided and slow. Still, the phrases sound pretty sexy, and you’ve heard that it’s more powerful. So you find yourself tempted to go for it anyway.

To put it as briefly as possible, these kinds of drives supply full torque and control power to all four wheels. This isn’t something that occurs with all cars. For many cars, two of the wheels just sort of go wherever the other wheels tell them to go. A four-wheel (also known as 4×4) or all-wheel drive improves traction, handling, and acceleration. In terms of cars with added power, this is actually on the reasonable side of things. This sort of added power can be useful to pretty much everyone. You can look into such rides at Saxton 4×4.

Taking it too far?

Of course, not all cars that specialise in sheer power is for everyone. While a 4×4 carries benefits for most drivers, some cars focus more power in other areas that you may not necessarily need. One of the most famous examples, of course, can be found in the sports utility vehicle. Or the SUV, for brevity’s sake.

There are a few people out there who really need the power that an SUV can provide. But most people who own an SUV really don’t need it that much. This is less of a problem in England, of course. You’ve probably heard a lot about this problem from the United States. Seriously, you can’t go to any city without seeing roads flooded with SUVs. If you need a lot of cargo space (and I mean a lot) and you have to carry a lot of people to and fro, then you may need an SUV. Most of the time, however, it’s more power than you really need.

How much power you really need

This, of course, depends entirely on what you want to do with the vehicle. If you’re just looking to get from A to B on your generic city roads, then you shouldn’t really be focussing on power. You should be paying more attention to price, reliability, and comfort. This comfortably describes the needs of most people who are looking for a car.

But maybe you need a car for more adventurous reasons. Perhaps you’re planning on taking crazy off-road holidays. Maybe you’re looking for a vehicle for a moving business. In which case, power will become very important. But in most cases, you’re better off sticking to more simplistic power features, like four-wheel drive.

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