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3 of our the 7 recommended Short Men's Haircuts for 2020.

We’ve put together this list of awesome short men’s haircuts for 2020. Perfect timing given summer is on the way! Maybe you’re looking to change your hairstyle a bit or you know you want to go short but your creativity stops there, see our recommended hairstyles for 2020.

Not only is short hair easy to maintain, it’s also easy to groom, whilst still giving you plenty of different styling options. If you feel that medium or long hair just isn’t for you, finding a short hairstyle that reflects your personality is now easy enough.

If you’re looking for a short hairstyle which is easy to maintain, but with a modern twist to make it qualify for 2020’s hottest male hairstyles, then this is the list of short male haircuts that will give your loads of inspiration for 2020.

Top 7 Short Men’s Haircuts

1. Messy Outgrown Buzz

If you’re looking for a simple to maintain men’s haircut which doesn’t require any elaborate styling, this is definitely the best choice for you. This hairstyle is a great fit for almost all face shapes, and men wearing it don’t really need to spend much time fixing it up.

All you need to do before leaving the house is to use a small amount of styling product through your hair followed by pinching the top of your hair with your fingers through the top of your hair, in different directions. The more you mess it up, the better it will look! You get extra points for the rebellious air.

If you’re looking for the perfect product to achieve a messy outgrown buzz then consider Fish’s Hair Clay as reviewed here.

2. Taper Cut Long Top Hairstyle

This haircut is ideal for men who want their hairstyle to hint something about their sense of adventure. The hairstyle is relaxed enough to be worn for long bouts of time without grooming, but still neat enough not to look entirely barbarian and unkempt.

Also, one of the extra advantages is that you will really be able to wear this haircut in almost any environment and circumstance. The shape and look of your hair will be virtually the same under fog, rain, humidity, dryness, heat etc.

3. Curly Top Taper Cut

Men with naturally curly hair know that this trait is both a blessing and a curse. Curly hair is both notoriously difficult to style, and an effortless looker once you get it right. This year, curly-haired men are in luck. This style will definitely be one of the most popular short haircuts for men.

To achieve this short men’s haircut, all you need is to ask your barber to leave most of the curl mass on the top of your head untouched, except for the occasional trim. The sides should be regularly buzzed, though, for maintaining the taper cut effect.

4. Deep Side Fade Cut

If you’ve always admired the lavish long-form Pompadour haircuts for men, but you’ve never quite dared to go there since you’re looking for something shorter, this is the style for you. This deep side fade cut hairstyle will make many short-haired men look attractive and sophisticated this year.

If you’re worried about styling it each morning, don’t worry! The deep side obtained through the haircut itself is sufficient for creating the visual effect. Other than that, you just need to lightly comb the remaining hair to the side. Also, put a few squirts of a light hold styling product when combing, so it keeps its shape throughout the day.

5. Faux Hawk Messy Top

Another short haircut for men with little time for grooming or styling each morning. If you like being ready to leave in 10 minutes since getting up for bed, this is the cut for you. The faux hawk in the front is well-balanced by the shorter buzz on the sides of the head, and the messiness of the style gives it a decidedly modern touch.

To keep its unyielding look intact all day, you should mess it up with your fingers in all directions, using a little amount of styling product.

6. Taper Fade & Buzzed Hair With A Skin Fade

Another more elaborate and elegant hairstyle for men with short hair. This haircut proves that you can look sophisticated enough without growing out your entire hair. All it takes is the right style and a good barber.

The trick with this hairstyle and what makes it stand out among similar styles is the sleek skin fade separating the two very different parts of hair. As long as that diagonal skin fade is maintained by visiting your barber often enough, your short but impressive haircut will never cease to have an impact.

7. Side Skin Fade with Short Side-Swept Hair

A tamer version of the short men’s haircuts presented above is this hairstyle, also featuring a neat side skin fade. But in this case, the hair on the sides of the skin fade is shorter and more thoroughly combed out. By using a little styling product to keep it closer to your head, you will achieve a modern but preppy look, ideal for a more formal work environment.

There you have our top 7 Short Men’s Haircuts for 2020! For even more ideas of styles to try, head over to MenHairstylist browse their gallery of short haircuts for men. Their entire website is full of brilliant ideas for men’s hairstyles and cuts.

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