Most Inspiring UK Male Bloggers To Follow For 2020

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to explore new places and try something new. We think everyone is open to trying something new but it can often be hard to discover new places and trends. This is why the power is social media is constantly growing. We love keeping up to date with our favourite male UK bloggers as they are a great source of inspiration in terms of new bars & foods to discover for summer to new fashion trends, styles and colours for this season.

Our top UK male bloggers for 2020 cover a wide range of different categories, from food from Luke, hair styling guides from robin to having a general laugh at the random stuff Charlie from Modish Male gets up to.

Top UK Male Blogger For 2020

Give these guys a follow, you wont be disappointed – if one of these guys hasn’t posted an Instagram story in the morning, then our day hasn’t started right:

1. Modish Male

Charlie, otherwise known as @ModishMale has got to be one of the few male bloggers that gets us excited when we see he’s got a new Instagram story.

Having recently moved into a new flat, it’s been great to see how he’s put his own spin on his new pad. From freshly painted walls to new radiators, it’s been awesome to see how his flat has come together, definitely a blogger to follow for some home interior advice. He also covers grooming, travel & lifestyle and not forgetting he’s a big fan of premium brands too (we loved his haul of all his branded bags, wallets and belts)!

Charlie is just one of those bloggers that keep it 100% real, doesn’t allow his ever increasing follower number to go to his head. For that reason, he’s definitely one of the UK male bloggers to watch out for this year.

P.s. we enjoy your drunk Instagram stories too!

2. Luke Catleugh

If you’re a lover of food, you will love Luke’s Instagram page – @lukecatleugh. From his ‘Posh Egg’ recipe to some awesome desserts, he makes it look effortless and he’s always making us hungry !

Not only is Luke a great inspiration for food and places to eat & drink in London, he’s got a great eye for detail & design. We’re big fans of his branding that he’s mastered for his blog and Instagram.

Another one to watch out for this summer – his following is growing at a massive rate and rightly deserved too!


3. Carl Thompson

Carol Thompson, Instagram handle – @hawkinandshepherd, has been one of our firm favourites for some time now.

Carl covers fashion, grooming and several lifestyle categories, it’s always really exciting to see what project he’s working on and what brands he’s partnered up with.

Carl’s page doesn’t just feature him, his dog Charlie is always featuring on his Instagram page – a great blogger to follow for dog lovers too.

4. Man For Himself

One of our more popular and well-known bloggers on the list and rightly so. We’ve got to put our hands up and say that Robin has us regularly laughing out loud at his hilarious Instagram stories – not so great when on a busy tube! Check out his Instagram account here.

Our favourite highlights from Robin’s stories has to be what’s going on down his road, the bell’s on Sundays and the ‘backstage’ access he gives his followers when he is on press strips of events.

Being a male grooming blogger, Robin covers a wide range of different subjects and we definitely feel that he is the expert when it comes to hair styling, products and advice.

Having recently moved into a new office, we can’t wait to see what he does with his new space and what further opportunities come his way.

5. Jamie Cullen

Jamie Cullen (@cullenjamie) is a fashion & lifestyle blogger based in London. He’s often jetting off to different countries with his account, from Paris & Dubai recently to Barcelona next on the list.

Jamie is definitely one of the nicest male bloggers on Instagram, where you can often watch his Instagram stories full of smiles and laughter. Who can that be happy on a train at 5am in the morning when on the way to the gym!

It was recently Jamie’s birthday and instead of a cake, Jamie celebrates every birthday with a Watermelon -this just sums up his quirky and awesome style.

Looking for something new to wear? Give his Instagram account a follow, as it is full of inspiration and looks.

6. Discerning Man

Ed Lemont is definitely one to follow if you’re interested in how the branded/marketing side of blogging works. Having recently landed a job at The Blogger Programme, it’s a really exciting time to be one of Ed’s followers as he’s constantly jetting around the world; NYC and Croatia to name a few.

Check him out on Instagram – @discerningman

Are there other UK male bloggers that you’d recommend? Drop a comment with their social media profiles below so we can check them out.