Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay Review | Men’s Hair Styling

If we were to ever think about bringing out a male grooming product, a men’s hair styling product would be the last thing we would want to create.

Why? Simply down to the fact that men are so loyal to the hair products that they use. It’s really hard to find a hair product that styles your hair the way you want it, consistently! Once we find this product, we don’t gamble with experimenting with other men’s hair styling product.

We know first hand how reluctant men are to actually try a new product, let alone ditch the one they know works for a new one.

When trying a new haircare product, there are 2 things that we look for:

  1. Genuine innovation, not just another duplicate product under a different brand
  2. A brand with passion for men’s hairstyling and barbering

When we first heard about Johnny’s Chop Shop, we were really intrigued to give one of their products a try. The brand has a background in men’s barbering and the branding of the products is really strong. The Wild Cat Hair Clay from Johnny’s Chop Shop instantly stood out to us as a product to try.

Wild Cat Hair Clay Review

Johnnys Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay

Our go to product to try within the Johnny’s Chop Shop range was the Wild Cat Hair Clay.

Why? The hair hair clay packaging is so different to anything that is currently out there on the men’s hair styling market. We love the design of the wild cat hair clay that includes a ‘wild cat’ on the front. The product instantly stood out to us.

The wild cat hair clay gets an A* from us for branding, what’s more it looks great on the side in the bathroom, gym and dressing table. You can see people’s eyes being instantly drawn to the wild cat hair clay when they see it.

In the past, we’ve only really found a few hair clays to be effective for thick hair.

Clays in general tended to ‘weigh down’ thick hair, making styling difficult. The only other clay we found to be effective was the Fish Stonefish Styling Clay.

Our first impressions of Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay were definitely impressive. The clay obviously has a clay-like consistency but at the same time smooth and easy to style with; ideal for thick hair in terms of the hold.

Also, we weren’t left having to apply more product like we had with other clay-based hair products in the past to get the style to hold.

Styling Tips For Hair Styling Clays

When working with a clay based haircare product, like Johnny’s chop shop hair clay, it’s important to remember that styling clays are suited to a relaxed, casual hairstyle and not for styling a mohawk for example.

Gareth Gates Hair

You should never use a hair clay if you want to achieve hair like Gareth Gates for example. Not that you would want to rock that style in 2019 anyway! A clay-based hair product suits hair that typically lays flat but with some volume, for example a Pompadour hair style.

The other really important factor for a men’s hair styling product is the finish, hairstyle dependant of course! In our opinion, when styling the classic and popular pompadour hairstyle, it’s important for the styling to look as natural, matte finish.

A matte finish is important for most hair styles, which the Johnny’s Chop Shop hair clay definitely delivers on.

We love the fact that when you leave home or for the gym in the mornings (when we can be bothered), the hair looks as natural as if we hadn’t applied anything but you can still sport the style you want.

You can rely on the Johnny’s Chop Shop Hair Clay to hold all day long – we’ve found only a select few men’s hair styling products that have this long lasting effect without having to saturate the hair with product.

How To Use Johnny’s Chop Shop Hair Clay?

The Johnny’s Chop Shop hair clay is pretty easy to use, if used correctly. The tip here is too not use too much product as otherwise you will find yourself taking another shower to wash out the product and start again.

Scoop a 5p sized amount of the JCS clay out the tub with one finger. Rub the clay through the palms of your hands until evenly distributed across the surface area of your hand and then run through your hair. We recommend using the product when you hair is dry and preferably after you’ve blow drying your hair into the style you want, using the wild cat hair clay to complete the look.

Overall the wild cat hair clay from Johnny’s Chop Shop gets 5/5 from us. The clay is our go to hair styling product right now and has a permanent place in our wash bag.

Don’t just take our word for it. One review posted:

“This stuff is fantastic! I’ve bought numerous expensive hair products over the years but none work as well as this…..and at a very reasonable price! Can’t fault it!” –

Where To Buy Johnny’s Chop Shop Wild Cat Hair Clay?

The wild cat hair clay can be yours for £7 from your local Boots store for a 70g size tub, that works out around £10 per 100 grams.

Not bad when you consider the fact that the product can lasts up to 3 months, dependant on your hair style and type.

Don’t forget that, just like with any product sold at Boots, you can probably pick this product up for a discount if you purchase when on promotion and you get advantage card points too.

Don’t just stop at the johnny’s chop shop hair clay. They brand also have the below products available:


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  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Hair Pomade 75g
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Johnny’s Fix Hairspray 200ml
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Hell Gel Firm Hold Hair Gel 100ml
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Dry Shampoo 200ml
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Born Lucky 2in1 Shampoo 250ml
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Trigger Happy Texturising Spray 125ml
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Glide ‘Em High Grooming Cream 100ml
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop Max Up Volumising Mousse 150ml
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop hair styling fibre 75g
  • Johnny’s Chop Shop matt paste 75g

Discover the products here.

About Johnny’s Chop Shop Barbers

As well as being a new and up-and-coming men’s hairstyling brand to keep an eye on, Johnny’s chop shop have also have a small chain of barbers and are now available in the USA!

They currently 2 Johnny Chop Shop barbers in the UK: one on Marshall Street, London and another in the actual Topman store on Oxford Steet, pretty cool right?!

We don’t see them staying with just 2 shops for long, as people are loving them. You can pick up a haircut for around £26 in one of their stores. Some might say thats expensive but we say not at all when you factor in the reviews people are leaving on what a great experience they’ve had.

Check out some images we’ve seen on Johnny’s Instagram below, you’ll be just as impressed as we are.

Shop the range here or book an appointment here