Why You Should Take Up Cycling This Summer

As a child, you probably spent almost every day of the summer out on your bike, cycling from one place to another. Sadly, as we get older, many of us stop taking the time to cycle, instead choosing to hop in the car. If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen the affect of this on your waste line too – oh how it sucks to be an adult!



With our hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles, many of us think that we don’t have the time to cycle. However, swapping from driving to cycling, won’t make that much of a difference to how quickly you get from place to place.

Plus, with the amazing health benefits that come with cycling, that little bit longer each journey will take is worth it. Still not convinced that cycling is worth the extra time and hassle? No – then make sure to have a read of this.

Cycling is an easy way to exercise

Cycling is one of the easiest forms of exercise because you can do it anywhere. From cycling on the roads to cycling on cycle paths, there are thousands of routes to choose from. Some of the routes can also double up as a great sight seeing adventure – the UK has some amazing landscapes and cycling is the perfect way to see the countryside that Britain has to offer.

If you are unsure about the best routes to start off with, why not download a cycling app and choose a route near you? Or you can simply select the cycling feature on Google Maps. Ideally, for your first ride, you should opt for something that isn’t too challenging and doesn’t go on any main roads or up too many hills.


Cycling is affordable

One of the best things about cycling is that it isn’t expensive, unlike many other forms of exercise. In fact, once you have brought your bike and cycling gear, you won’t have to pay out for anything else. Compare that too a yearly gym membership and you’ll see where we’re coming from.

Obviously, the initial cost of buying a bike can be high, but it doesn’t have to be. The amount you will pay for your bike will depend on the type of bike that you want, the better the bike, the more expensive it will be. For instance, road bikes tend to be more expensive than hybrid bikes, so if you’re on a tight budget, opt for a hybrid.

There are hundreds of bike stores that you can get your bike from, including Circle City Bicycles. Most bike stores will have a range of different bikes on offer, from basic bikes to specialist models. For your first bike, opt for something fairly basic, and then as you get into cycling more, you can upgrade and play around with all the different features bike’s have to offer these days.


Cycling is good for you

As well as increasing your fitness, cycling is also great for building up muscle tone. Many people make the mistake of thinking that cycling only builds muscle on the legs. However, this isn’t true, cycling can build muscle tone all over the body and is a great full body work out.

While cycling is a great way to increase your muscle tone and fitness at the same time, it can take a while to build them up. As a new cyclist, you should expect it to take around six weeks of regular cycling for you to see a difference in your muscle tone.

Cycling is a great way to exercise; it’s fun, enjoyable and fairly easy to do. Plus, unlike many other fitness activities it isn’t expensive, so is affordable for everyone.


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