Summer Fun: Boozy Ice Lolly Recipes To Keep You Cool In The Sunshine.

It’s Saturday, the sun is shining and we’re in need of something refreshing to enjoy in the garden. Rather than reach for our usual beer, we thought we’d switch things up a little and make some boozy ice lollies (it is the weekend after all). So if you fancy turning a picnic into a boozy session or you just want to get sozzled in the sunshine then why not give one of our top six recipes a go. Just remember alcohol doesn’t freeze so don’t go too mad on your measures.



Gin & Tonic – Play It Safe

Grab some lime juice, gin and tonic and mix together before pouring into a lolly mould. Add in some cucumber slices for extra aesthetic enjoyment.

Espresso Martini – Kick start 

The whole nation are coffee lovers so this was always going to make the list. What’s more it will wake you up and cool you down at the same time – winning. To serve 6 people you’ll need 3tbsp sugar, 125ml espresso, 2tbsp vodka and 4tbsp of water. Adapt according to how much you love your caffeine.

Pimms – A Wimbledon Favourite

As soon as the sun is out the Pimms is out across the UK. Why not turn the British classic into an ice lolly. You’ll need 4tbsp Pimms and 250ml lemonade. Add in your favourite summer fruits and some mint leaves to make these extra tasty.

French 75 – To Impress

One to impress the lady in your life. Try mixing 350ml of champagne with 120ml of gin and add sugar syrup and lemon juice to taste. You can swap the champagne for prosecco (no judgement here).

Mojito – Old favourite

Try mixing 15ml of rum with 80ml of lemonade and add sugar syrup until you’ve found your ultimate mix. Muddle together with some mint leaves and you’re on to a winner.

Vodka and Lime – Party Starter

Pour 25ml vodka into mould, squeeze half a fresh lime, top with lemonade, stir.

We’ll be honest all our measures are a best guess so don’t take our word as fact. And if it all sounds like too much faff then reach for a cold beer. Do you have a frozen recipe you’ll be trying this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.