Convert Your Home Into A Man Pad To Impress, With

If you’re a guy that lives alone, or with a group of guys, then theres a high possibility that you will spend most of your time at other people’s places rather than your own. Why? Probably because people don’t actually want to come round as us men lack attention to detail and a style for soft furnishings. The show Friends is a classic example of this, everyone was always at Monica’s and Rachel’s versus the guys place because the girls actually had a flat that you could relax in compared to the empty flat Chandler and Joey had.

How To Make Your Home More Inviting

Theres a quick and easy way to make your man pad more inviting, simply by adding some cushions to the sofa and bed. Cushions are a great way to make your place more inviting to friends to come over and chill or to impress your date after a romantic meal out.

Cushions are also a great way to express your personality or style, as there are some many shapes, styles and colours to pick from in thousands of retailers across the country. Welovecushions in particular have a huge range of cushions to help us guys make our pads more cosy. They have collections from cool, retro designs to show people that actually, you’re a cool guy, to some art based designs which show actually you’re quirky as hell.

Below we’ve picked our 4 favourite cushions from welovecushions that will drastically convert your cold, bare homes into a cosy place to chill out with friends:

Painting Monkey Banksy Inspired Graffiti Art Cushion


Banksy is a world-famous, controversial street artists who has inspired 25 cushions on the website. Why not have a piece of art on your bed or sofa?

Push The Button Art Print Cushion


This cushion comes from welovecushions’ Underground collection, which is a theme thats been around for quite a while now and doesn’t seem to show any signs of going under anytime soon. You’d look bang on trend with one of these cushions on your sofa or an armchair.

Paul McCartney Beatles – Youngerman Art Cushions


Nothing shouts out quirkiness more than combining 2 piece of key British history; the Beatles and pop art. A great way to show your personality through your home and provide some colour into what could be a dull, un-inviting space.

Rap Pets Rock Cushion


A cushion with a dog dressed up as Snoop Dog, because why not? Is there anything cooler in life?

All cushions from WeLoveCushions are handmade in the UK and a great quality. Most orders are sent free of charge, using Royal Mail First Class delivery and can be received within 3-5 working days from the date of placing the order.

Give your friends one less reasons to not come to yours for a change by making your man pad into a cosy, comfy place to chill.

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