On The Road In Style: 3 Tips For An Insta-Worthy Road Trip Look

Despite the rise in autonomous tech, 79% of respondents in a survey commissioned by Hagerty said that they remained passionate about driving. The freedom of being behind the wheel is a joy for many of us, so much so that road trips are a popular getaway choice. Maintaining Instagram-worthy style when you’re on an all-inclusive package is one thing, but how do you keep yourself looking sharp in your holiday snaps when the bulk of your trip is spent on the road?

1. Behind The Wheel, On Top Of Style

It’s tempting to slob it out while you’re behind the wheel and put the effort in when you’re not driving, but if you take that approach, you’re not going to feel comfortable taking photos of the main point of your holiday: the driving adventure. If you make spontaneous stops, you want to be sure you look your best for all those landmark photo ops too.

Build your on-the-road wardrobe around pieces that will allow you to transition between looks easily. For example, a pair of chinos will give you a smart-casual look for the day, and you can add a blazer for a stylish evening look without factoring in a whole wardrobe change. That same blazer worn the next day with a pair of jeans takes you smoothly back to a casual on-the-road look. The key is to be strategic with a few well-chosen items that allow you a number of looks. Maximise the number of looks you have at your disposal by packing a dark version and a light version of a few central pieces: T-shirts, jeans and shirts. This will make it easier to change your look and maximise your combination possibilities. Take along a formal look too – you never know what opportunities are going to arise, and it’s best to be prepared.

2. Your Car Matters Too

In your beach holiday snaps, sun, sea and sand are a major feature of your photographs, so don’t forget that the same is true for your road trip: your car matters, and sets the tone not only for your photos, but for the road trip itself. For a low-mileage trip, consider renting a classic car for real style, but if you’re planning a longer adventure, you may need something a little more robust. Consider matching your vehicle to your destination: a convertible for a coastal run, perhaps, or a crossover for journeys involving both high speed runs and nipping in and out of city traffic. Your vehicle choice should be practical for the purpose, but it should also look great: it’s an extension of your style.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Grooming

You’ll be on the road for much of your trip, but you’ll be stopping over too, and these are the times you need get back into your normal grooming routine. If you allow yourself to let this slip, you’re going to feel uncomfortable getting those in-action shots. When you’re going to be on the road for longer chunks, a travel grooming kit can help you keep your look shipshape. Take cleansing wipes and a good dry shampoo, and have a cologne on hand so you not only smell your best when you stop, but feel your best too.

Keeping on top of your style when you’re on the road will mean you’re comfortable with taking photos of the whole of your adventure. If you slip into an overly casual approach, the chances are high that you’ll decide against snapping yourself in action. If you select your wardrobe carefully, choose an Insta-worthy ride and maintain a grooming routine, you’ll be all set to share the best photos of your road trip.