A Guide To Passing Your Driving Test At The First Attempt

Part of any guy’s transformation into a fully functioning man is learning how to drive. Without one of those little green licences, your life is not yet complete. No self-respecting man has to rely on other people to drive them around or has to catch the bus at thirty years of age. Just imagine what a girl would say if you told her you were catching the bus to the restaurant. She would never see you again, and with good reason I might add!


So, for all you caterpillars who are waiting to burst out of your cocoon, here’s how to pass your U.K driving test at the first time of asking.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Some instructors in the U.K will hold you back because they are more concerned with the money than with you passing your test. And others will send you in for your test when you are not ready, and you are completely out of your depth. The lesson to learn is that you need to be comfortable behind the wheel. Of course, there will always be those butterflies because it is a big deal. Butterflies in your stomach are a good sign whereas a flop sweat and a head-splitting migraine are bad signs!

Get Extra Practice

In the United Kingdom, you can drive someone else’s car as long as they are over the age of twenty-one and have had a licence for three years. So, stick a couple of green ‘L’ plates on the motor and get out for some extra practice. Your mum or dad might not have the experience of your instructor, but time in the car is always a good thing. Again, it is all about being comfortable behind the wheel.

Learn The Routes

If your instructor is any good, they will know the local test routes like the back of their hand. And, if they are even better, they will take you along these routes during your practise sessions. Although you cannot cover every route, you might get lucky and get one that you have practised before. Plus, in small towns most routes overlap, so you can perfect that part of the test before you even begin.

Don’t Panic

Panic is universal for any first-time driver, regardless of where you sit your test. Unfortunately, panicking makes you do stupid things. Try and calm your nerves as best you can before your test because then you can think and react calmly.

Take Your Theory Test

Before you can pass your UK driving test, you need to pass the theory test first. Without the certificate, they won’t let you attempt the practical. Once that is out of the way, you are free to book your practical driving test and get ready for the big day. Test centres are often booked up for weeks in advance, so you get plenty of time to practise.

Eat Breakfast On The Morning Of The Test

Without food, your body doesn’t have the energy to perform simple tasks to the best of its ability. As a result, you lose concentration and focus.

A loss of focus can be fatal to your chances of success, so make sure you eat even if it is only something small.

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