How To Achieve The Perfect Shave…Sponsored by Wilkinson Sword

Shaving is the ultimate passage from boy to man, the pride you feel by finally being able to grow some sort of facial hair is huge – is there an occasion where a young man feels more powerful and proud?

However, most of us guys still have to walk around with shaving scars, ingrowing hairs and red-inflammed skin because we still can’t perfect the art of shaving. Don’t worry though because help is at hand! GroomingMail have teamed up with Wilkinson Sword to help you achieve the perfect shave at home. Guys, say goodbye to ingrowing hairs, shaving cuts and the burning sensation post shave.

Wilkinson Sword – #readytoduel

First things first, check out this epically stimulating, action-packed cinematic video below from Wilkinson Sword’s recent advert – Swordplay. They are a brand that originated as a sword manufacturer for the British Army (pretty cool ey?!) – Precision and craft are literally fundamental to their DNA making them the perfect brand for the perfect shave for both men and women.
  The video is a love story with a lot of action, lots of foreplay and lots and lots of skin. Illustrating the effectivness these razors have of freeing your skin.

Shaving 101

Like we said, the perfect shave is more of an art form than just a simply daily task. If you treat shaving as a 5 minute job then this will reflect on your face, for EVERYONE to see – do you really want that embarrasment? No, we didn’t think so either. So follow the below tips:

  1. Before every shave, you need to prepare both your face and skin. This is easily achievable by wetting the hairs and surrounding skin until the hair has softened up – this could take a good 5 minutes of rubbing but completely worth it. This will help to prevent ingrowing hairs, irritation and the tugging sensation. Tip: have a shower before you shave as both the water and steam will help prepare the face.hydro3_vstrip
  2. Apply a shaving cream or gel. Here you really need to treat a shaving cream or gel as an investment. Cheap products will give cheap results, we recommend a product such as CarsonsApothecary 5* Shaving Formula. When applying the products, ensure all hair and surrounding skin is fully covered. Tip: use circular motions to apply the product for even coverage.
  3. With a clean cut, precise razor like one from Wilkinson Sword shave in the direction that the hair grows. Again this will help to reducing shaving irritation and reduce the number of shaving snags, if not prevent them all together. Our favourite shaving razor to use is the Hydro 3 Razor; it helps hydrate the skin as you shave and the skin guards ensure a comfortable, pain-free shave.
  4. Change the blade every 7-10 uses. This will ensure you aren’t shaving with a dull, blunt blade which can cause skin irritation, acne and ingrowing hairs.
  5. Post shave, we find that a good moisturiser helps to prevent ingrowing hairs. We find a sensitive moisturiser to be more beneficial, as a normal moisturiser can cause a slight burning sensation.
This post has been sponsored by Wilkinson Sword, but all thoughts are our own