10 Travel Essentials For Men

1. Travel Wallet

A travel wallet, additional to your everyday wallet is our go to travel essential for men when going abroad.


Theres nothing worse than panicking about where your passport, boarding pass, foreign currency are. Stop doing the pocket patting dance and invest in a travel wallet, so you know it’s all in one place… preferably safe in your backpack.

Our recommended travel wallet is the Jekyll & Hide Multiple Currency Travel Wallet as it contains several card holders (22 in fact), perfect for IDs, health cards and every different type of card you could ever need. Being made from leather means it is extremely durable and will last you for many holidays or business trips to come. The travel wallet also has room for a pen (see why thats a good thing below) and even has room for your mobile phone, making it perfect for those who travel a lot and have phones for abroad.

Having everything in one place means that you only ever have to look out for one thing. You don’t have to check one place for your passport, another for your travel money and another for travel confirmations… stuffing your pockets isn’t on trend for this summer!

2. Compeed Blister Plasters

Even if you’ve never needed one, trust us and buy a pack of Compeed blister plasters now and keep them in your bag.

If you’re abroad, in a hot country, the high temperature can cause your feet to sweat and result in blisters. There is nothing worse than wanting to do something or visit somewhere and physically not being able to, due to the debilitating pain of a blister. That’s why we recommend that a blister plaster as a men’s travel essential, even more so if you’ve invested in new shoes for your trip!


3. SPF Moisturiser

Name one person that can pull off being sunburnt?… Exactly, no one can!

A bright red face is never a good look for anyone; therefore a SPF containing moisturiser is always a must needed travel essential for men, even if you’re not going anywhere particularly hot.

The weather changes constantly, even a windy, overcast summers day can burn any well-prepared man, take the risk away by at least having one in your bag so you have some form of protection – ideally you’d have suncream too.

An SPF moisturiser is a travel essential for any guy that’s into his outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, water based sports, any outdoor activity really.

Another benefit of a SPF moisturiser is that it can team it up as after sun if you’ve been caught off guard by the sun and now have a face the same shade of red as a tomato. After sun care is all about keeping the skin hydrated to help minimise any risk of peeling.

4. Headphones

Don’t force yourself to have to sit there and tolerate the sounds of crying children or snoring fellow passengers when travelling. Block out all these sounds by making sure that you have a pair of headphones in your bag, always. You’ll thank us when you see a new born baby being carried to the seat directly in front of you.

Everyone has music on their phones nowadays, if you don’t then make sure you have at least one album on your phone in case you need to drown out some background noise.

5. A Magazine

Just in case modern technology fails you, or more like you fail at modern technology by forgetting the charge your devices, it’s always good to have a plan B to occupy yourself.

There is also nothing worse than getting on a plan and realising that your phone is essentially an expensive brick when in airplane mode with no games or songs downloaded.

A magazine is a great way to waste some hours either on a flight, train or lounging by the pool. Our recommendation would be a copy of Men’s Health.

6. Sunglasses

Great for a sneaky nap or tactical people watching when on the beach, not just for the sun! Try a pair of these Ray-Ban Erika Keyhole Sunglasses In Black for your travels.

7. Travel Friendly Deodorant

Unfortunately, sweating and travel pretty much go hand in hand.

Whether its lugging a suitcase around a train looking for a seat, running for a flight that you’re about to miss or just sat there in a hot car, it’s very rare to arrive at your destination as fresh as your left your home. Thats why we recommend having a small, travel friendly deodorant in your travel bag.

Remember to stick within the hand luggage guidelines if flying to your travel destination as you don’t want to have to run for that flight after having your deodorant taken off you at security for being over 100ml.

One of our recommendations for a travel friendly deodorant is the Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Anti-perspirant Deodorant Roll-on 50ml which has a fresh, subtle scent that gives day-long protection against odour and wetness.

8. Travel Toiletries Set

It’s quite common not take your normal, everyday sized toiletries away with you as they just take up valuable space in your case or bag.

Again, if you’re traveling by plane and not checking in any luggage, you will be limited to a small bag where each bottle is capped at 100ml… well that’s the rules in the UK anyway.

A travel toiletries set for men that we recommend is the ClarinsMen Grab & Fly Set, it has all your essentials; Shampoo & Shower 100ml, Active Face Wash 30ml, Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum 3ml, Smooth Shave 50ml, Super Moisture Gel 30ml and Fatigue Fighter 12ml.

This set is exclusive to World Duty Free, where you can buy it online and pick it up at the airport, saving weight in your case.

9. Quick Acting Face Mask

Traveling can take it’s toll on any well travelled man. A face mask is a much needed travel essential if you’re looking to conquer the stress of traveling and look fresh faced within the same day.

Cellmen’s Rare Mask works instantly at reversing the signs of tiredness. The mask contains rare earth from the Amazon which gives an instant, noticeable radiance and a healthy looking complexion.

Cellmen’s Rare Mask isn’t just great at reducing the signs of fatigue and stress, it’s also ideal for keeping skin clean and clear when abroad. If, like most men, sun cream blocks your pores and gives you spots then a face mask is one of the best weapons you could have to fight against the acne causing properties of suncream as the mask purifies, smoothes, invigorates the skin.

We’ve personally reviewed the Rare Mask and it’s not just one of our travel essentials but also part of our weekly grooming routine!

10. Pen & Paper

An obvious travel essential when you think about it but all so easily forgotten at the same time. A pen & paper is great to have in your back pocket, as the saying goes, for writing down directions, restaurant bar and club recommendations or writing about your travel experience.

A pen and paper can also help with any language barrier when abroad. Let the locals read the name for themselves without having the figure it out when said in your foreign accent, if you’re looking for a particular destination.

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