How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Weekends, that much needed short break from the bustling reality of our lives. A perfect time to reconnect with our loved ones and spend some time enjoying our favourite hobbies.  It is also an opportunity to travel out of town to explore somewhere new or to catch up with old friends.

While you may feel a weekend isn’t quite long enough to warrant a trip, with some planning, you will find it could be the perfect time. Not only will the break leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week, it will also leave your family in the right frame of mind to have a great week, so long as your plan ahead!

Plan Accordingly

One of the key things to make your weekend escapade is proper planning. Don’t blow your savings on a weekend trip and don’t spend more time traveling than you do at your destination. For most of us, there are some great destinations that can be reached with a short flight.

One easy way to get a little extra time is to book your flight for the evening after your last day of work. Coupled with a 3 or 4 day weekend, you can spend 4 whole days at your destination. While planning, be sure to check the total travel time to avoid long layovers that rob you of precious relaxation time.

Invite Loved Ones

Invite your friends, family and even co-workers for the weekend trip. This is the perfect moment to create a bond and share memories. Choose the people who you would like to spend your weekend with. You never get bored with great company.

Go To Places That Energise You

Choose the place that speaks to your heart and will heal your soul. Weekends are our ultimate chance to break the chaos of our busy week, so disconnect by using the location. If water has a calming effect on you then opt for beaches, river, and waterfalls. If you prefer sightseeing, then maybe a mountain vacation is your best option. While travelling across the country, make sure you have your travelling essentials to protect you from any unforeseen events.

Consider Accommodation

Spending a little extra time to find accommodations that won’t break the bank and don’t give you chills to think about staying is critical. If you are going to the beach then maybe check on condos nearby or hotels along the coastline. A cabin is a great pace to lodge when you are in the great outdoors. Remember that time is limited, so make the most of it and bask in nature and environment around you.

Check The Weather

Properly check the weather. It only takes around five hours of drive from Long Beach, California to go to Las Vegas, Nevada but their respective weather can greatly differ. Cool day in California? Consider Las Vegas or Arizona to soak up the warmth.

Enjoy Local Food

In terms of food, you should encourage yourself to go local. Enjoy the flavors of home-grown restaurants and the town’s specialty food. Heading to Nashville? Try some hot chicken or stop by St Louis for amazing Ribs!

If you are on a limited budget, look for free snacks and free breakfast at your hotel. Use the money you save to treat yourself to a nice dinner.

Pack Entertainment for Travel

Some airlines like Delta are known for having good in flight entertainment while others are known for cheap, no frills travel. Packing a tablet, laptop, will keep you entertained while traveling. If you are traveling with kids, packing entertainment goes from a good idea to a necessity.

So, check your calendars and see when the next long weekend is coming up, then take some time to plan a fun, relaxing, and re-energising weekend getaway with your friends or family.