Your Guide To Looking Your Best During Autumn & Winter

Even though autumn has only just gotten underway, the halcyon days of summer seem a distant memory. Hopefully, it’s been an excellent few months of parties, day trips, and long evenings spent under a setting sun, but now we have more pressing concerns. Chiefly, how to sink into autumn – and, looking further ahead, winter – while managing to stay looking our best. There’ll be no sunny mornings to give your skin a healthy glow anymore! As such, we’re going to need a bit of help if we want to shine.

Sort Out The Essentials

Right, first thing’s first: let’s sort out the important items we’re going to need to look sharp and ready for anything that the colder months throw at us. Some staples belong in every man’s wardrobe, which will keep you warm as well as look awesome. You can’t go wrong with a strong boots and jeans combo, which you can then top up with a plaid shirt, woolly jumper, and jacket. When the weather gets a bit cooler, you’ll want to add gloves, scarf, and woolly hat. With the essentials in the locker, the battle will have been half won already.

Your Skincare Routine

Having said that, being well dressed won’t be able to mask the damage to your skin that the cold weather can do. As such, it’s important that you have all the right products in your bathroom cabinet to ensure you can protect your skin against the biting winds that can make your skin look rough and damaged. If you don’t know what products to buy, start with the anti-fatigue trio from Admiral Grooming. The facial scrub, eye serum, and moisturiser will give your skin the good things it needs to stay looking fresh and alert, even when you’re anything but.

Eating Well

It’s all too easy when the weather outside is miserable, and you just want instant gratification, to get a takeaway for dinner. But hold right there, buster, because if you do, you might find that you’re not looking your best. Besides helping to keep our weight down, eating well will deliver all the essential nutrients and minerals you need, especially as you’re unlikely to be getting what you need via the sun. That guy won’t be reappearing until sometime in spring if we’re lucky.

New Fashions

You’ve got the essentials in your wardrobe, but don’t be afraid to mix things up and add a few new fashions to your clothes rotation. This autumn’s men’s fashion trends include the return of the almighty turtleneck jumper, brightly coloured jackets, and corduroy trousers. You’re going to look pretty great when you’re soaking up the best autumn days out!

A Trip Away Keeps the Pasty Skin At Bay

If things are really going badly, you can always book a weekend trip away. The south of Europe stays warm all the way through the autumn and winter, allowing you to get your dose of vitamin D from the sun and giving your skin a top up of tan. Perfect.